Monday, 2 January 2012

revlon starry pink

Welcome to my first ever nail post and the start of this blog! I'd like to formally congratulate my first featured polish: Starry Pink! (AKA: The closest thing to magic you will find in the realm of drugstore nail polish.)
Long story short: it’s a captivating polish that a fairy princess would wear to her whimsical prom on the moon.

Long story long: This is a glitter nail polish from the Fall 2011 Gucci Westman for Revlon Expressionists collection and I must admit that I am completely in love with it. It is filled to the brim with a fantastical concoction of big silver hex glitter and more finely milled delicate glitter. It has a creamy pinky, almost mauve, base that actually turned out to be more opaque than I originally expected! *claps like an obnoxiously proud parent*
(I mean like OH. MA. GAWD. Don’t you just want to jump into a pool of that and start doing the freakin’ backstroke?)
After reading a few reviews on Starry Pink, I was disheartened to find that most people were not that impressed and seemed to overlook it as the ugly middle sister of the Gucci glitter polish trio (with Blue Mosaic being the fun party-going youngest child, and Facets of Fuchsia the successful, sophisticated, much-too-mature-and-classy-for-her-own-good oldest sibling.) PS. I still love them anyway and will talk about them in another post soon :)

There is also a fourth nail polish in the Expressionist collection that I didn’t buy, and that’s Smoky Canvas. (Oh and my metaphoric persona for that one is that Smoky Canvas is the weird cousin you only see at Christmas time who gives you some odd gift that your aunt and uncle probably picked out which ends up proving how much she really doesn’t know you, like a snow globe or a gift card to Applebees.)

But don’t let that harsh mildly funny comparison throw you off! I do like Smoky Canvas, but it just seems like it never got the glitter memo that the other three did. I also couldn’t find it in any drugstore around town. CURSES! That’s probably why I took all my anger out on it. Maybe I’m the weird Christmas cousin instead :’(
Ta da! I put on three coats of Starry Pink for two reasons: to make it opaque and because I love the layered look of all that glitter.

Bottom line: if you find this in a store, pick it up and RUN.

Well pay first, then RUN!

Well that’s about it. Soooooooooo. Who’s excited for Christmas? Well I sure am. It’s just that time of year and I can feel the holiday spirit creeping up on me. (Aweee.)

Yes. Yes indeed. Creeping up on me like a killer in a dark alleyway, a bum jingling the change in his outstretched hat, or those activist people handing out pamphlets on the street which I guilty refuse by avoiding eyencontact and/or pretending to talk on my phone.
Sigh. At least my nails will look nice while I am running away from all of those things.

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