Sunday, 2 September 2012

sweet nail polish dreams are made of this

Ahhh dream polishes. The more you yearn for them, the farther they seem to slip away...

On that depressing note, here are a few nail polishes that are currently out of my reach* as presented in this half-assed extremely comprehensive list.

*Too expensive, not available in this city/country, or not in stock anywhere! [Thanks lame drugstores.]

Sunday, 26 August 2012

the octopus necklace

top: stitches, necklace: ebay

Let's belt out the chorus of "Under the Sea" because this little crustacean only cost $1.31. Now I'll admit that it's cheaply made, and might contain more plastic than actual metal, but c'mon. $1.31! It's still on par with a lot of Forever 21 jewelry. [Which we all know isn't the best, but still lures everyone in like Voldemort to a prospective horcrux.]

Monday, 20 August 2012

e.l.f. mint cream

This mint green polish is one of my favorites and in typical e.l.f. fashion it was cheap as hell. But I'm just happy to have a new nail polish post up because I haven't been able to wear it much lately. This is due to a dress code related rule at my new job:

no nail polish.

I KNOW RIGHT! I work around food so apparently it's important that I don't, you know, start killing people with the bacteria hidden beneath its glossy depths. So now nail polish is limited to my days off only, and even then it's rarely on for more then 12 hours at a time before I need to remove it again.

It's definitely taking a toll on our relationship.
Hopefully another job opportunity will arise soon and nail polish will find it in its heart brush applicator to forgive me.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

lace makes the world go round

It's a webcam outfit post! The quality may be terrible, but hey. C'mon. My point-and-shoot camera and I are in a fight. Mostly because it's stupid. [Very mature points are being made here.] Blurry focusing, 30 minute battery life, and unpredictable flash are just a few of its awesome features. Is my camera a balloon salesman? Because it totally blows.

Alas, patience is a virtue and I will continue to use my five year old hunk of plastic, but today I just didn't have it in me. So like I did in this post, I flung open my computer, powered up that webcam, and maxed out the sharpness bar like my life depended on it. BAM. Photography.

[I also not sure why I held the sandals up to the camera multiple times, but it's done now and unlike Marty McFly we can't go back.]
dress: bluenotes, cardigan: sirens, bracelets: claire's, sandals: payless

Oh and this dress was only 20 dollars. So of course when I got home I instantly regretted not pulling a Michelle Duggar and getting 19 of them. (Or at least one in black.) Then, in a shocking turn of events, two days later when I went back to the mall they were all gone. There were so many before! Where did they all go?! Did they get deported back to the land of magical things that will never be mine*?! I guess we'll never know...

*Say hello to unicorns and Darren Criss for me.

Friday, 3 August 2012

what's in a name?

That which we call a blog by any other name would still be cra-zaay! [I'm pretty sure that's how Juliet worded it.]

Well it's done. I have officially changed the name of this blog. [As well as the many unanticipated links that went along with it. Phew.] I felt that a blog title like Caitlin Gets Dressed demanded a lot more outfit posts than I was putting up. I wanted a name that would allow for a variety of different posts, and still sound cheerful and girly.

So I did what anyone would do and forced my mom to start brainstorming with me. And we finaaallllllyyyy came up with Heart, Heart, Hooray!
Hopefully it's okay. There was a lot of ClichéFinder/ involved.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

plain ol' polka dots

black polish: essence black is back, brown polish: essence walk of fame
No that's not a pocket weapon that I fashioned inside prison, it's a homemade nail dotting tool!

I first saw this clever creation on The Beauty Department blog and my jaw dropped in fascination. Sticking a sewing pin into the eraser end of a pencil? This is perfect for cheapos like me who won't spend $15 on a nail art tool kit, thank you very much Shoppers Drug MART.

In less exciting news, I got a new job a few weeks ago which has now put me drastically behind in both blogging and recreational reading. I mean c'mon, FOUR posts for the entirety of July?! Sigh. I'm a one trick pony guys.

Monday, 23 July 2012

summer tote bags

Nothing says summertime quite like throwing your everyday possessions into a colorful rectangular sack right? Right! Tote bags are effortless and sizable, making them perfect for carrying around all sorts of beach and summer adventure essentials. But ya'll already know that.

But even after all my praise for tote bags, I still don't own one. You see, for years I've been on a hunt for the tote bag Zooey Deschanel carried in 500 Days of Summer. It's straw, it has a cool circular handle, and there's some sort of mysterious beachy screen print on it. Eighteen year old me fell in love. Sadly, I'm starting to think that my tote quest has turned out to be a gigantic waste of time. I can't seem to find a similar bag anywhere.

It's probably time to let go of that foolish pipe dream, pack up, and move on! [So much growth happening right now.] In fact, I'd gladly give any of the tote bags below the largest, most ultimate grand welcome into my closet.
Summer Tote Bags
magenta striped tote: go jane, beige tote: mango, striped sailboat tote: nine west, navy polka dot tote: warehouse, white & grey bow tote: modcloth
yellow & green straw tote: mango, green polka dot tote: bakers, coral straw tote: eluxe

I've also recently starting using my Pinterest account more often, so if you have one please feel free to link it below!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

a time for neutral and a time for neon

In the wise words of Nathan Lane's character in The Birdcage, "One does want a hint of color." And what better way to utilize that advice than with neon: the trend that is currently sweeping the nation for 10 to 15 minutes.

blouse: smart set, tank top: warehouse one, jean shorts: old navy, necklace: ebay, bracelet: hallmark store (oddly), earrings: payless, shoes: stitches
But besides my little detour into neon with the flats, I've really been trying to purchase clothing in wearable, easy-to-coordinate colors. This is actually proving semi-difficult because in the past if there was ever a choice between something colorful and something neutral, I would pick the color. Overtime this method of shopping has resulted in a closet full of bright things that make me feel like I'm in a production of Hairspray.

So I've made it my personal [and lame] goal to choose practical, albeit less exciting, neutral pieces of clothing. At least they will match. Then once there's a solid foundation of basic pieces, the more vibrant items can join in. Which would then serve as the "hint of color" mentioned at the start of this post. [See, full circle!]

TL;DR: I learned what everyone else already knows, investing in basic neutral clothing and a few color pieces is good.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

sprinkle nails

They sort of look like sprinkles right? Not like sour gummy worms or cheesy animation from the 90s? Because those were two things that popped into my head as I was editing this photo. Then I decided to google what other people had done for sprinkle nails and saw that most had used actual sprinkles! [Which is a million times fancier and more creative.] "Damn them!" I cursed at the screen, as I spiraled deeper into nail art depression.

I'd also love to say that bringing ice cream on board was solely a creative decision and all in the name of art, but truthfully it was just really hot out and I wanted ice cream.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

five clothing items to try this summer

1. Rompers/Playsuits
black romper: river island, blue romper: delias, pink romper: miss selfridge

2. Crochet and Knit Accessories
Crochet Items
ring: esty, belt: wet seal, tote: topshop, flats: tesco f&f

3. Boldly Printed Skirts
Printed Skirts
paisley skirt: oasis, swan skirt: topshop, floral skirt: rowwe

4. Lace Shorts
Lace Shorts
green shorts: pacsun, cream shorts: vero moda, blue shorts: river island

5. Anything Mint
Minty Business
dress: romwe, t-shirt: american vintage, sunglasses: ray ban, crop pants: j crew

Let summer commence!
Well maybe wait until I have the money to purchase a few of these things... then let it commence!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

julep meryl

I've been in such a weird nail polish phase lately. I seem to be gravitating towards a lot of muddy mauves, browns, and grays. [Are those colors a vacuum? Because I'm getting sucked in! Heh heh.]

Although these types of shades may seem a bit sullen for the current season, I like to think that they're just super regal and mysterious. Yeah, let's go with that. Anyways, with Eeyore inspiring my current taste in nail polish, it's no surprise that I'm loving this one.

Described on Julep's website as a "sophisticated gray creme," Meryl is equally as classic and charming as the actress it was named for. [All hail the queen.]

This polish applies smoothly and without fuss. During the first coat Meryl is like, "I'm going to be kind of sheer!" But by the second coat it's all like, "just kidding I'm actually quite opaque." What a trickster.

This rein of gloomy polish may not last long though, my July box is set to contain a couple dazzling pink polishes! So it shouldn't be too hard to climb back on the metaphorical wagon of bright summer polish.

Monday, 25 June 2012

if you can't do the time, don't do the lime

These shorts turned out to be one of those items that you pay full price for, but then end up seeing two months later on a clearance rack for 8 dollars. Which not only leaves you dwelling on the cruelness of the world, but also causes you to shake your fist angrily at the sky, cursing the store for all the ways they have wronged you. "DAMN YOU GAAAPP!"

But in contrast to those unfortunate situations, occasionally the sale stickers can work in your favor. In fact, the shirt I'm wearing in this post was actually a 12 dollar discovery from their clearance section. Sigh. The Gap giveth and the Gap taketh away.

dress shirt: gap
shorts: gap
shoes: payless
cardigan: costa blanca
nail polish: china glaze liquid crystal

PS. It's time to break out the margaritas and Ke$ha CDs because summer has officially arrived! Now maybe it'll stop raining here long enough so it can actually start to feel like it. BAM. So much sass towards Mother Nature right now.

I should really consider changing the name of this blog from "Caitlin Gets Dressed" to "Caitlin Gets Dressed Then Complains About the Weather." It's both catchy and true.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

20 summer wardrobe essentials

Summer is upon us! Well it's supposed to be anyway. But even if it doesn't fully feel like summer yet, that doesn't mean we can't start brainstorming a few warm weather clothing ideas. So let's jump into it! This post contains some basic seasonal pieces that would make splendid additions to any existing wardrobe. :)

Oh and there's also sunscreen. Don't forget sunscreen. It's everyone's most neglected best friend.

Summer Essentials
straw tote bag: matalan, sunscreen: neutrogena, sundress: house of fraser, lilac cardigan: j crew, blue skirt: vanessa bruno, straw hat: wet seal, metallic clutch: asos, pink flip flops: fashion union, jean jacket: madewell, sunglasses: mango, blue shorts: only, nail polish: butter london disco biscuit, tank top: j crew, floral maxi dress: dorothy perkins, embroidered beige top: oasis, bracelets: asos, leather sandals: abercrombie and fitch, jean shorts: hollister, bikini top: j crew, bikini bottom: j crew, wedges: steve madden

1. tote bag
2. sunscreen
3. sundress
4. cardigan
5. cotton skirt
6. hat
7. clutch
8. rubber flip flops
9. jean jacket
10. sunglasses
11. colored shorts
12. bright nail polish
13. tank top
14. maxi dress
15. cotton top
16. layered bracelets
17. leather sandals
18. jean shorts
19. swimsuit
20. wedges

Saturday, 16 June 2012

china glaze liquid crystal

I received this bejeweled polish back in April when it arrived inside that month's Luxe Box. Ever since then it has become an instant favorite, and the most glitzy shade in my little basket of nail polish.

So let me step into my goody-review-shoes for a moment and dive right into the glitter explosion that is Liquid Crystal.

This polish has a blue and silver shimmered base, a variety of multi-sized rainbow glitter, and a slight purple duo-chrome effect to it. THERE'S. SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. HERE. [But it's basically pure glitter in a bottle, so sparkle enthusiasts are pretty much guaranteed to love it.]

One of the most surprising things about Liquid Crystal is its texture. Without a top coat, it is extremely bumpy and rough to the touch. Strangely, this is a feature that I've really grown to like about this polish.

The only downside to Liquid Crystal is that it's a total pain in the butt to remove. So be prepared with q-tips, cotton pads and sandpaper* just in case.

*Just kidding about the sandpaper. No matter how much the glitter tries to drive me to it, I won't go all Holmes on Homes on my fingernails. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

cheap ebay jewelry

Oh no, it's cheap Ebay jewerly! Be warned, it will only lead you down a dark and gritty path of low standards and weird looking two dollar charges on your credit card statement.

Save yourself because it's too late for me. The necklace I wore today is proof of that. It was three dollars and it's also becoming one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear. Even though it's kind of tarnishing... and sometimes the little triangles flip up the wrong way...

But that is neither here nor there! See, even with my past purchases disintegrating right before my eyes, I still find myself on the hunt for more. Just can't deny this fondness for costume jewelry.

I like cheap and I like variety. Put 'em together and what have you got? Bibbity bobbity boo.  A lot purchases from Ebay, Forever 21 and Claire's.

Here are a few of the pieces that I'm currently ogling.

I know they may discolor and I know they may fall apart, but it's so much easier clicking the checkout button when the total is $8 instead of $80. I am such a cheapskate bargain hunter.

dress: roxy
cardigan: smart set
necklace: ebay
flats: ardene

Quality should trump quantity every time, and I should probably learn that.

Starting later.

Because I just ordered this awesome velcro hair bow for a dollar! It's meant to keep your hair back whilst doing makeup. Presently I'm convinced that it's the coolest and cutest thing I have ever seen, but we'll investigate that again in the morning. Online shopping and lack of sleep do not mix.

Or do they?


But maybe they do.


Friday, 8 June 2012

seasonal scarf retirement

It's getting to be that time of year when it's super weird to wear a scarf in public. [Unless you're a hipster or Steven Tyler. Or both.] And by "getting" I mean well-past. This is a very disappointing time for me because scarves are my best defense against old clothes and bland outfits. They disguise the lame things I wear and I need them, weather be damned!

But alas, it's getting too hot and no one wants a sweaty neck. Sigh. I don't know where to go from here. Parting is such sweet sorrow long chunks of fabric.

dress: forever 21
cardigan: suzy shier
scarf: suzy shier
shoes: payless

Oh my I just re-read what I wrote up there. It's funny how I was excited for spring and summer, but I've basically been writing farewell posts to all my winter clothing. So many mixed signals.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

essie tart deco

The other day I brought a bottle of nail polish to the beach for the sole purpose of taking pictures of it...

So that's something that happened.

In my defense Tart Deco has all the workings of a fabulous summer polish and that needed to be represented. And what does summer represent? Beach. And what does beach represent? Sand. And what does sand represent? ART. (Logic at its finest.) One mustn't question a girl with vision! (But it's probably best to anyway.)

Tart Deco is a creamy coral shade that requires 2-3 coats to become opaque. And once it does... BAM. Magic. Needless to say, I love this color. It's also fairly average on the chipping front, lasting about three days or so.

For all these wonderful reasons I would say that this polish was totally worth withstanding the silent ridicule of strangers. Not that I blame them or anything. Nothing looks crazier than a person taking pictures of their hand.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

{from day to night} nautical

This is just a quick post to satisfy my current yearning for nautical things. With a sprinkle of sailor attitude, a dash of pirate charm, and the exclusion of an eye patch, you'll be hooked [Get it? Hooked? Heh heh.] and ready to start a new life on the sea. Aye aye!
day to night: nautical
white sunglasses: i-sunglasses, anchor purse: asos, striped watch: anne klein, tan belt: forever 21, white skirt: river island, starfish sandals: old navy,
 rope bow ring: endless, anchor top: j crew, starfish earrings: stella & dot, red anchor necklace: collectif, black peplum shorts: river island
sequin bag: target, metallic sandals: macy's

So I kind of took the more subtle route here, but I just wanted to experiment with a few sailor themed pieces without getting too maritime-happy. [Example of going over-the-top-nautical: this dress that I ordered on ebay last summer. There's no way to tone that baby down.]

Anywho, nothing adds instant fun to a wardrobe like adding anchor print, rope texture, a few stripes, and some starfish! [Note to self: add more starfish next time. They're cool.]

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the old navy maxi skirt

No, I didn't borrow this skirt from the crazy lady who sells homemade jam on the side of the road. I got it from Old Navy! Basically the same thing? You decide.

This is the maxi skirt that I ordered online a couple of weeks ago. When it first arrived I thought it might be a little too hippie-looking, but now I realize that that was complete and utter nonsense. [So much emotional growth in the span of two days.]

I like to think that this skirt falls more under the category of too-cool-for-school-laid-back-summer-attire. Even still, I won't be pairing it with a flowy top or a headband made of daises anytime soon. That would be asking for a one way ticket into halloween costume territory, and what a dangerous territory that is.

t-shirt: joe
maxi skirt: old navy
crossbody bag: bentley
gladiator sandals: ebay
I haven't exactly been keeping my new found love for maxi length dresses/skirts a secret, [exhibit a, exhibit b] but I can't resist gushing about how comfortable they are. They've been around for so long that everyone and their grandmother has owned one, and I'm the biggest dummy for overlooking them all this time.

It's like a person who has been communicating with smoke signals for their entire life and then someone throws an iPhone at their face. [That's a made-for-TV movie just waiting to happen.]
And then there's the trusty crossbody bag that I can't stop taking everywhere. We're total BFFs.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

maxi you later, alligator

It's time to break out the maxi dresses. (Or the ultimate-comfort-stretch-tube dresses as they are known around my apartment by me.) This striped one is neat because it's simple enough to make cardigan coordinating really easy. Wait, judging something on its cardigan pairing potential isn't an actual thing? Noted.

Maxi dresses also rid the impossible feat of matching shirts to pants. (Wow what a chore.) I'm also hoping that with a little handiwork and clever tucking, I'll be able to wear this dress as a skirt too.
cardigan: gap
maxi dress: joe
bangle bracelets: claire's
bow bracelet: jacob
flip flops: walmart

Last January I went through a sandal purging phase in which I threw out every old pair. I thought nothing of it until a week ago when I realized that I had no warm-weather shoes and proceeded to panic. Which led to the hasty purchase of these dull flip flops for $3.50. Problem temporarily solved.

Overall, an ideal world would be one where we could all wear a maxi dress every day. But then I would never get anything accomplished. They make me want to roll around on the floor and have a Harry Potter marathon. Most likely at the same time.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

10 cute dresses for under $50

10 Cute Dresses Under $50
coral striped dress: bank $48, cerulean lace dress: rare london $39, peach polka dot dress: bank $48, pale apricot dress: romwe $47,
green dress: oasap $43, lilac lace dress: oasap $44, light blue floral dress: dorothy perkins $45, hot pink dress: h&m $24,
yellow circle dress: river island $40, dark blue floral dress: h&m $24

Get out of my dreams and into my shopping basket.

Friday, 18 May 2012

faux leather friend

I bought a jacket even though it's totally not the right season to be buying a jacket. However this is also the time when most of them are on sale, and anytime is the right time when something is on sale. (That sounds dangerously close to something out of Confessions of a Shopaholic.)
So there were two stupid moves that led to my desperate need for/the purchase of this jacket.

Stupid move number one: I sold my previous spring jacket on ebay.
Stupid move number two: I never replaced it.

Move over Stephen Hawking, genius at work over here!

Add those two stupid moves together plus the fact that it's still cold and windy outside, and Houston we have a problem. The good news is that this jacket was only $19. The bad news is that it won't be worn all that much yet. [Because this is Earth, not Pluto, and it's about to get really hot out.] But even more good news would be that when autumn arrives I'll be prepared.

Welcome to the family super cheap faux leather jacket. I promise not to sell you.
jacket: walmart
scarf: suzy sheir
dress: miss selfridge
shoes: miss selfridge

In random news, I'm almost finished reading A Game of Thrones! So far my verdict is that it's amazing! It has been a while since I've branched out from the YA genre of books and I feel so adult. (Which is totally something an adult would say.) A Game of Thrones is a wonderful example of great storytelling and incredibly well-developed characters. On top of that, each chapter is written from the point of view of a varying character; a feature that I haven't liked in other books but adore in this one. Once I finish reading it I'm going to start reading A Clash of Kings, and start watching the first season of the show. Let's hope this obsession lasts.