Saturday, 21 January 2012

essie shine of the times

Someone call Jack Frost and tell him to retire because I just found winter in a bottle. Har har har! Beat it old man.
Well, well, look what we have here. Our first Essie polish on this blog! And ain't she a beaut! Shine of the Times is full of dazzling holographic flakes, and it made its debut in Essie's Luxeeffects Holiday 2011 collection.

You: "Omgz that's so last year."

Calm yourself, because I think this is one of those special nail polishes that will look fantastic all year round. The Luxeeffects line is advertised as a decorative top coat, although it can obviously be worn solo as I've done below. The possibilities are never ending! In the spring you could layer it over a mint green or pale peach. In the summer, throw it on over a hot fuchsia. Oh now it's autumn? Why not toss a quick coat of this over a deep shade of purple. Winter? How about over a soft grey or icy blue? See, I didn't spend my money on another nail polish I can't afford! I made an investment. I'm like Donald Trump without the impossible hair and sassy attitude.
Wow! There's sure nothing "hollow" about this "graphic" now is there? Hah, get it! Because the nail polish is holographic? ...
Well screw you guys!
As you can see, the flecks floating around in the clear base showcase almost every color from red to purple and everything in between. Not too bad Essie, not too bad at all.
When in doubt: Keep calm and put a holographic polish on.

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