Wednesday, 29 February 2012

newspaper nails

Extra, extra, read all about it! This week's top story? Newspaper Nails!
I first saw this wonderful nail idea while browsing youtube earlier this week, and I was instantly excited to try it out. The tutorial was done by cutepolish, and this is only one of many unique nail art guides she has made. I will link the video for her proper tutorial right here! :) It will teach you how to create nails that are hot off the press!

Here's a mini version of the steps. (I didn't do anything different, but I took pictures so might as well use them.)

1. Paint your nails white. (I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On.)
2. Get rubbing alcohol
3. Dip your nail in said rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds
4. Press small section of newspaper to your nail for 15 more seconds
5. Peel off and be astounded! (I was frickin' astounded. I obviously don't get out that much.)

That's it! It's soooo easy and the result is really brilliant. I especially love these because each nail doesn't have to be perfect. If you don't completely press down on a nail, you can be left with a rustic typewriter effect that looks all neat and old-fashioned.

Tip: Actually look at what the newspaper scrap you're using says on it. Unlike me who now has the word "asses" on my index finger. *gigantic facepalm*
Another fun idea would be to get super creative and do this with newspapers in other languages! That would look so fancy, and you best believe I'll be on the hunt for different types of papers. Best of luck if you decide to do this and link a picture in the comments because I would love to see. :)

Have fun being the editor in chief of your own nails!

(Such a lame newspaper joke.)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

the february luxe box

Guess what I got in the mail the other day?!

Well I guess the title has just gone and given it away hasn't it? *Sigh* My Luxe Box! Woo! :) Luxe Box is like getting a little package from Santa in the mail every month. If Santa was obsessed with makeup! (Which he is. Look at those rosy cheeks.) Anyway this is more like a first impression/see what's inside type post and later in the week I will do another one with mini-reviews for each of the products!
So judging by the box, the tissue paper, and the pamphlet they've included I'm just going to take a wild guess and say this month's box is brought to us by Flare Magazine. Very subtle guys. Alrighty let's jump right into it!
Here's the inside of the box with the five samples! Very unexpectedly colour coordinated by the way.

Lise Watier 24 Hrs Glam Mascara
My eyes just light up whenever a makeup item is included in the box. Best type of product to find in there! I can't wait to test mascara out and see if it truly lasts for 24 Hrs! Probably doesn't but let's give it a chance to shine! I've seen that this mascara comes in a bunch of crazy shades like green and blue. :O Thank goodness they sent black, we'll leave the wacky colours combinations to Lizzie McGuire!

PureDKNY Perfume Sample
Wow. Biggest perfume sample I've had in a Luxe Box ever. Thankfully it smells great! It's very lemony and fresh. The card that came with it says there's something called verbana-basil in it too. Sounds unique! So I'm going to pretend like I know what that is!

Joico K-Pal Revitaluxe Hair Stuff
This was confusing at first. I thought it was a styling product that you use when blow drying your hair, but apparently you put it in and then rinse it out. So you have to use it in the shower. But it's not quite a conditioner. I guess it's like an extra step after that? Here's to discovery!

Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm
This stuff smells absolutely beautiful! Like some heavenly mixture of lemon and vanilla! Why must Mereadesso be so expensive? I'm very thrilled to try this out, however I must remember to ration it as it will probably never be in my life again.

Mereadesso Face and Neck Toning Gel
Now I've gotten this face cream in a past Luxe Box before and it's spectacular! It promises to take the place of all night/day face, eye, and neck creams with its adaptive formula. This was truly love at first sample for me. It's unbelievably great, but at $120 for a full-sized bottle, this will be my only chance to ever use it.

So that's all of it! Overall I'm super happy with this box. Luxe Box has never sent me a box that I've been disappointed about... yet. Just kidding, that's just my way of keeping them on their toes. It almost seems like February's box was made specifically to help us wave goodbye to winter. Its spring scents, moisturizing lotions, and dry hair repair products all seem to point in that direction. But I'm probably just being overly hopeful again. (Please go away winter.) Anyway, I hope you're all having a great day, and stay tuned for mini-reviews of each of these products coming soon!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

fairydrops volume burst mascara

Fairydrops may be the loveliest mascara I've ever come across. Like others before me, I instantly fell for the cute packing and the whimsical name! I've heard a lot about it on youtube, and I was happy to find it on eBay. It cost $22.75 including shipping to Canada, and the listing is right here!

The packaging of Fairydrops is quite enchanting and quirky. It's a fun bright pink and would make an adorable addition to any makeup bag. I think the original style is a whole lot cuter than Sephora's Fairydrops Scandal Queen version, which is a metallic gold/red.
Now moving past the fanciful packaging and into the mascara itself. I've been wanting to dabble in the Asian beauty market for a while. Many of the reviews I read on this were positive, and Fairydrops has a great reputation for being able to hold a curl. My lashes are naturally quite straight and certain mascaras can easily drag them down. The first time I wore Fairydrops my lashes stayed curled until I washed it off at night. So in this case, the pre-purchase research was correct! It's nice to use an eyelash curler once, put on mascara and be done like a normal person. Usually the pattern is eyelash curler, mascara, and eyelash curler a second time. Never again!
I definitely believe the wand itself serves as a great marketing feature. It's unique shape certainly grabbed my attention long enough to get me interested in the product. I'm not positive if the little "drops" on the wand actually contribute to the final result, but I don't think they interfere with it in any way. Some may think the brush is a bit gimmicky, but I think it's allowed to be because it's successful in the end. Plus if I zig-zag while applying it, it separates lashes very well.
My favorite thing about this mascara would have to be that it doesn't flake or smudge easily. (Which for me was the downfall of my Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara or Frankensmudge as I call it.) Fairydrops lasts all day on my eyes without smudging or flaking. What a relief!

If I had to pick a least favorite thing about this mascara it would be that it's harder to find than other ones. I really wish it was more accessible. It would be amazing to find it in a department store as opposed to having to order it online.
The Good
- Holds curled lashes in place
- No smudges or flakes
- Formula hasn't clumped
- Pretty pink packaging :)

The Bad
- A bit expensive
- Not easy to find

It looks like the good outweigh the bad on this one! I highly recommend trying Fairydrops if you're looking for non-droopy, non-flaky lashes with a lasting curl. In fact, I think this mascara is a blessing NOT in disguise!

Get it? Because the packaging is so pretty? The inside matches the outside??
Remind me never to be a stand up comedian. It will be a disaster for everyone involved. :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

DIY: the bookshelf unicorn

Every now and then I like to tackle a small home improvement project. AKA: Spray painting the shit out of something. Today that something happens to be a ceramic unicorn that sits on my bookshelf. He's such a little champ, holding up all those books with his butt.
I found him in a thrift shop almost two years ago for $3.50, and when I came home I spray painted him hot pink. (So he's been through my handywoman adventures before.) Originally he was white, except for his mane and tail which were multicolored rainbow. Subtle right? So despite the fact that the pink has been pretty cool, I'm thinking he'd look a lot classier painted black.
Now I chose a matte black spray paint for ultimate class, and used about 3 coats. It got difficult around the second coat when the wind started blowing all my newspaper onto the wet paint. Damn weather, get with it. It's DIY day!

While we're on the topic of refurbishing animal figurines, here's a duck that I spray painted white and put in the living room. My mom hates it.
Ta da! This is how the unicorn turned out. I've even upgraded him to a prime spot on the night table. Happy endings all around. The pink was energetic, but this is a tad more elegant. Ooh laaa laa.

Until next time, happy spray painting laborious decorating!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

NYC battery park purple and wet n' wild sparked

I felt a bit like a mad scientist when I painted my nails today. I was grabbing wildly, clutching and tossing bottles like an old chemist who's lost her mind, trying to decide. I wanted to experiment with polishes that I haven't worn in a while. So I ended up choosing a combination of NYC's Battery Park Purple and Wet n' Wild's Sparked!

These are two polishes I've only ever worn by themselves before, but I can't imagine why! I really should have partnered them together sooner; they ended up complimenting each other so greatly. :) Battery Park Purple is a deep glossy plum, and Sparked is a pink glitter polish that reflects silver in certain light.

The final result was surprisingly quite glam looking! I feel like this is a great nail for the transition between winter and spring. The dark purple channels the colder months while the pink glitter hints at the warm weather to come. (Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better about the fact that it's still snowing here.)
All in all, I'm wholly enamored with these colors as a duet. I'm happy I decided to play scientist and step into the metaphoric laboratory today, otherwise I probably would've continued to overlook these shades. High five for taking risks*!

*The smallest kind of risks anyone could possibly take. Ever.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

maybelline dream bouncy blush

Blush is probably my favorite makeup item to wear and buy. So naturally I was intrigued when I first heard of Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush. It's so different from anything that I've ever seen or purchased before.
I went for the color Pink Plum, which isn't truly too plumy but just a fresh bright pink. I prefer this shade of pink during winter because I'm so darn pale, but I love me some peaches and corals in the summer.
Now it wasn't as bouncy as my imagination first led me to believe, but that's okay because that would be insane. If it were that bouncy it would be a 25¢ toy and not a proper makeup product!

To my surprise, the texture of this blush is more spongy. I can't just dab my finger in the product like I would a cream blush. It's difficult to pick up enough color just by doing that. So I've begun to form a sort of claw-like thing with my finger to scoop some out. Adapt!
Overall, I'm actually quite fond of it! It may not be as pigmented as my other blushes, but it's easy enough to build up and it's perfect for a subtle pink cheek. My favorite thing about this product is the naturally rosy look that it produces. With a little on my cheek in the right place, it truly looks like it could be a natural flush. My least favorite thing about this blush is that it starts to wear off after a few hours. I usually throw it in my bag in case I need to touch it up.
I think this is a really fun and original product and I'm very happy I got one. Even if it turns out to be a Maybelline cream blush lab experiment gone wrong that they just decided to sell anyway, I still like it! I'd also like to purchase the shade Hot Tamale because I definitely don't own a color like that. Hot Tamale is a bit scary in the pan as it's a bright red/hot pink, but other bloggers' swatches of it look gorgeous.

So that's everything! I really hope more unusual products like this one will be entering the market soon. They're wacky and full of pizazz, and I'm all for that. :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

sorting hat fashion

Alright it's confession time. Desperately wanting to make these Hogwarts House outfit sets is why I made a Polyvore account in the first place. Years ago I saw one similar to these while searching for HP related halloween costumes and I was instantly overcome with emotion. My inner girly girl was like: Omgzz! That's SO cute! While my inner nerd was like: E=Mc... gotta make my own! Unfortunately due to my then limited knowledge of any internet site besides Facebook (*tisk tisk* so sad), I had no clue how they'd managed to make it! Just recently I finally connected the dots from others using the site around Blogger to showcase their wish list items. (Hopefully next time I'll clue in faster. *slaps wrist*) I had so much fun making these, I was on the site for hours!
What Would A Gryffindor Wear?

For the house of the chivalric and the brave of heart, I thought something bold and glittery might be appropriate! I think this set may actaully be my favorite. I love the mixture of textures between the lace dress and the sparkly accessories. Plus the ring reminds me of the Philosopher's Stone so of course it had to be included. I know the mouse shoes aren't exactly as fierce as a lion, but they are just so cute. I wish I could find a knock off version of the Marc Jacobs flats because there's no way I could afford the real ones!
What Would A Hufflepuff Wear?

Next we have Hufflepuff, the house Pottermore told me I'm in! Since friendliness, hard work and patience are valued here, I thought the set should be really sweet and fun, but at the same time display a more determined side. So I included things with a ton of ruffles, but then I added the tasseled bag and silver bangle to give it a slight edge. It was a lot of fun to play with the juxtaposition of bright happy yellow and deep serious black.("Serious" Black! Get it! Ahh, yay for Sirius.) The ring is actually supposed to be a fox, but I think it passes very nicely as a badger. :)
What Would A Ravenclaw Wear?

Ahhh Ravenclaw, full of wit, creativity, and wisdom! For this I wanted to break the house away from its bookworm reputation and dress it to the nines! I'm talkin' wedges, tulle, and a bunch of jewels. I also think that the butterfly wallet adds some uniqueness to the look. I know butterflies aren't exactly eagles, but they still fly! So they're kind of close I guess. (That's a strrreettcchh.) The ring is just as whimsical as the house itself, so it just had to be incorporated! However it's also another one of those high priced items that are highly out of my grasp. Why must I do this to myself?
What Would A Slytherin Wear?

Lastly we have Slytherin, a house known for its ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. I thought I could challenge the house's known status as the villainous one. Both the necklace and the ring are bold, but the dress, clutch, and shoe are elegant and girlish. The subtle contrast between these two styles is always a fun way to tweak an outfit. Draco Malfoy approved!


I really enjoyed making all these and thinking about it, I probably did put a little too much thought and time into them. Oh well I had fun. If you're intrigued, I'd completely recommend looking up some more or even making your own! As a Harry Potter addict I could look at everyone's Hogwarts house fashion for days! And I'm happy my attempt is finally up there along with the ten thousand other ones. :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

revlon grow luscious plumping mascara

About a month ago I got this mascara for free at London Drugs when I spent $20 on Revlon products (the lip butters). I've had time to test it out and after using it for a few weeks I've decided I'm not too crazy about it.

This mascara promises to:
- grab every lash individually
- coat lashes to plump perfection
- provide 2X instant maximum volume
- strengthen and plump lashes with its conditioning formula
It doesn't easily grab every lash individually like it says it does. It takes some effort to stop it from clumping groups of lashes together. I think because the wand is so large it picks up too much of the product, which produces a gloopy clumped-together look. (Which I usually try to separate using an eyebrow comb.)

I mean it's not the worst mascara, but it's surely not one of the best. The mascara's biggest downfall for me is that the formula doesn't wear well throughout the day. It becomes flaky within hours, and leaves dark blotches under my eyes. I was surprised by this because I chose the waterproof one. Alas, at the end of the day I just end up looking like a super tired zombie. Everyone can call me Frankensmudge! (He's not exactly a zombie but let's just go with it.)

It doesn't look too bad in the picture, but I'm careful to have a light hand and a thin amount of formula on the wand. I think it's a passable mascara to use when running an errand quickly, but not for when long lasting voluminous lashes are desired.
I really do find the oversized brush harder to work with. I accidently tend to smear it on my eyelid when trying to put it on my inner lashes. So have your q-tips at the ready girls.


When it comes down to the nitty-gritty I wouldn't recommend purchasing this mascara, but if you can get it for free like I did, go for it! It's okay to use in the time between using up your favorite mascara and going to buy more. I feel like the large brush and inevitable flaking are what stop this mascara from achieving its claims of plump perfection and 2X maximum volume. It's a shame it didn't work for me but it's okay Revlon, I still love your lip products and your nail polish! :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

things that go jump in the night

Just a low key comfortable outfit! Comfortable enough to jump in the air like you just don't care! Gosh I really should get out more. You see, the morning I put this on I was still confident that spring would be arriving soon. AKA: I thought winter was over. AKA: I thought it would be getting warmer. AKA: I was excited for tights weather.

Oh past Caitlin, how very wrong you were. The day after successfully wearing this out, a giant bucket of snow was thrown all over the town during the night! Cunning deceitful weather, how I loath you. Goodbye tights, goodbye flats, goodbye shorts, and goodbye wasted dreams. It was truly that dramatic.
Top: Jacob $29 (sale!)
Shorts: Gap $15 (sale!)
Tights: Old Navy $6
Flats: Payless $12 (sale!)
Crossbody Clutch: Icing by Claires $21
Cardigan: Local Shop $25

I got a lot of this on sale! Diva on a dime! Practical on a penny! Nifty on a nickel! That's all I can think of.
For now...
This top was a neat find! I'm always super careful with washing it because I'm scared the rhinestones will fall off and then it will just be a shirt with a collar of glue marks.
These are probably the most practical flats I have. I'm always drawn to bright colored shoes, and they always end up not matching many clothes. Black blends in seamlessly with everything, and you know I'm a total sucker for a flower detail.
My favorite part of this simple outfit is definitely the little bag. What can I say? I love that little bejeweled angel. Unfortunately I can't fit many things into it so it forces me to choose between my necessities and stuff I don't really need with me. On a good day I can usually fit in a coin purse, chapstick, a lip butter, keys, and my phone. (Secret: I usually bring a shopping tote in my coat pocket just to hold extra stuff I might accumulate while I'm out. I'm cheating :( Gasp!) Do you girls carry a lot of stuff around with you when you have a large purse? What are some things that you absolutely must have with you in your bag? I seem to have trouble walking around with only the bare minimum.


Well I guess that's everything. Let us hope that the blasted snow melts straight into oblivion. Maybe I could help it along. I just need to find an extension cord and my blowdryer.