Thursday, 23 February 2012

DIY: the bookshelf unicorn

Every now and then I like to tackle a small home improvement project. AKA: Spray painting the shit out of something. Today that something happens to be a ceramic unicorn that sits on my bookshelf. He's such a little champ, holding up all those books with his butt.
I found him in a thrift shop almost two years ago for $3.50, and when I came home I spray painted him hot pink. (So he's been through my handywoman adventures before.) Originally he was white, except for his mane and tail which were multicolored rainbow. Subtle right? So despite the fact that the pink has been pretty cool, I'm thinking he'd look a lot classier painted black.
Now I chose a matte black spray paint for ultimate class, and used about 3 coats. It got difficult around the second coat when the wind started blowing all my newspaper onto the wet paint. Damn weather, get with it. It's DIY day!

While we're on the topic of refurbishing animal figurines, here's a duck that I spray painted white and put in the living room. My mom hates it.
Ta da! This is how the unicorn turned out. I've even upgraded him to a prime spot on the night table. Happy endings all around. The pink was energetic, but this is a tad more elegant. Ooh laaa laa.

Until next time, happy spray painting laborious decorating!


  1. That looks amazing! I bet the unicorn is glad all that time of holding books up with his butt paid off and he gets a makeover and to sit on your bedside table! (and while we're here the contents of your bookshelf looks awesome! The hunger games trilogy, chaos walking books AND those uber pretty specially bound classics? Very nice indeed!)

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy with the way it turned out! And they're such great reads hey?!