Saturday, 4 February 2012

i scream, you scream, we all scream for jean

First thing is first. Check out that massive sleeve height! I hope my gold metal in the puffy sleeve Olympics arrives soon. Who needs a purse with a shirt like this. Wallet? Keys? Cellphone? Sunglasses? Snacks? A bicycle? Two cats? The Zodiac Killer? All inside the sleeves baby!

Even though I paired my jean shirt with black leggings to avoid the dreaded jean-on-jean combo, I still think it would look acceptable with a lighter wash denim on the bottom, since the shirt is so dark. Ooohh breakin' the rules! I'm wild. Just kidding, if anything I'm a fraud. I think Stacy and Clinton told people to do that first.

Shirt: Gap
Scarf: Suzy Shier
Pants: RW&Co
Boots: Urban Planet (I was surprised too.)
Bracelet: Jacob

This bracelet was on clearance! I think it was something like $39 originally! HAH HAH. I laugh in their faces with unfiltered ridicule on account of their greed. Anywho I got it for $9. It was like Deal or No Deal. Give me a deal or... there will be no deal. Notify the other shopkeepers of my resilience!
These boots have been my go-to shoes all winter. I got them from Urban Planet! A place I normally don't look in because I never really desired cheetah print pants or t-shirts with my zodiac sign on them. However this time I took a chance, and while reading how Virgos "luv da club" and Geminis "are total fashionistas" I caught sight of the boot wall.

Since I'm a person who normally lives my life in ballets flats, destined to lose my foot arch at an early age, I was pleased to see a pair of boots I actually thought were cute. I usually hate the way I look in boots, but not this time. Welcome to the Age of Aquar-boot-ius my friends.

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