Sunday, 26 February 2012

fairydrops volume burst mascara

Fairydrops may be the loveliest mascara I've ever come across. Like others before me, I instantly fell for the cute packing and the whimsical name! I've heard a lot about it on youtube, and I was happy to find it on eBay. It cost $22.75 including shipping to Canada, and the listing is right here!

The packaging of Fairydrops is quite enchanting and quirky. It's a fun bright pink and would make an adorable addition to any makeup bag. I think the original style is a whole lot cuter than Sephora's Fairydrops Scandal Queen version, which is a metallic gold/red.
Now moving past the fanciful packaging and into the mascara itself. I've been wanting to dabble in the Asian beauty market for a while. Many of the reviews I read on this were positive, and Fairydrops has a great reputation for being able to hold a curl. My lashes are naturally quite straight and certain mascaras can easily drag them down. The first time I wore Fairydrops my lashes stayed curled until I washed it off at night. So in this case, the pre-purchase research was correct! It's nice to use an eyelash curler once, put on mascara and be done like a normal person. Usually the pattern is eyelash curler, mascara, and eyelash curler a second time. Never again!
I definitely believe the wand itself serves as a great marketing feature. It's unique shape certainly grabbed my attention long enough to get me interested in the product. I'm not positive if the little "drops" on the wand actually contribute to the final result, but I don't think they interfere with it in any way. Some may think the brush is a bit gimmicky, but I think it's allowed to be because it's successful in the end. Plus if I zig-zag while applying it, it separates lashes very well.
My favorite thing about this mascara would have to be that it doesn't flake or smudge easily. (Which for me was the downfall of my Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara or Frankensmudge as I call it.) Fairydrops lasts all day on my eyes without smudging or flaking. What a relief!

If I had to pick a least favorite thing about this mascara it would be that it's harder to find than other ones. I really wish it was more accessible. It would be amazing to find it in a department store as opposed to having to order it online.
The Good
- Holds curled lashes in place
- No smudges or flakes
- Formula hasn't clumped
- Pretty pink packaging :)

The Bad
- A bit expensive
- Not easy to find

It looks like the good outweigh the bad on this one! I highly recommend trying Fairydrops if you're looking for non-droopy, non-flaky lashes with a lasting curl. In fact, I think this mascara is a blessing NOT in disguise!

Get it? Because the packaging is so pretty? The inside matches the outside??
Remind me never to be a stand up comedian. It will be a disaster for everyone involved. :)

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