Tuesday, 14 February 2012

essie fiji and essie shine of the times

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And I mean to EVERYONE. Here's to you person sharing a chocolate milkshake with your sweetheart. To you, person buying last minute flowers while calling restaurants for a hasty reservation. And yes, even to you, person crying alone in a corner proud singleton. If anything true can be said about Valentine's Day, it's surely a day of extreme emotion.
Indeed. Tis' a day for love, heart-shaped gifts, and apparently déjà vu. That's right, déjà vu my friends. Shine of the Times is back, and launching it to new heights is Fiji.
This is the perfect pastel pink. Now I don't know why it's named after a country whose sole survival depends on tourism and sugar exports, but I'm sure going to pretend like I do.

Fiji takes about three coats to become opaque. Only two are used here because I was counting on Shine of the Times to cover it up. Just like a rich husband covering up that his wife accidently killed someone. Like that. Seriously though, it's a little streaky.

So that's it. Pink nails on Valentine's Day. Try not to be blown away by the strong gust of my originality on this one. Maybe I'll attempt some sort of nail art on the next holiday. What's next? Easter? That might be fun. But my nail art always looks like crap. Bunnies will look like blobs.


  1. Such a pretty combination, I want both! :-) x

  2. Thanks so much Leanne! I absolutely recommend them, they look adorable in person. Also thanks again for following me, you're the first aside from my mom! :P

  3. These look so good together! So pretty xxx

    1. Thanks Emily! I really love how girly they look together :)