Wednesday, 29 February 2012

newspaper nails

Extra, extra, read all about it! This week's top story? Newspaper Nails!
I first saw this wonderful nail idea while browsing youtube earlier this week, and I was instantly excited to try it out. The tutorial was done by cutepolish, and this is only one of many unique nail art guides she has made. I will link the video for her proper tutorial right here! :) It will teach you how to create nails that are hot off the press!

Here's a mini version of the steps. (I didn't do anything different, but I took pictures so might as well use them.)

1. Paint your nails white. (I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On.)
2. Get rubbing alcohol
3. Dip your nail in said rubbing alcohol for about 5 seconds
4. Press small section of newspaper to your nail for 15 more seconds
5. Peel off and be astounded! (I was frickin' astounded. I obviously don't get out that much.)

That's it! It's soooo easy and the result is really brilliant. I especially love these because each nail doesn't have to be perfect. If you don't completely press down on a nail, you can be left with a rustic typewriter effect that looks all neat and old-fashioned.

Tip: Actually look at what the newspaper scrap you're using says on it. Unlike me who now has the word "asses" on my index finger. *gigantic facepalm*
Another fun idea would be to get super creative and do this with newspapers in other languages! That would look so fancy, and you best believe I'll be on the hunt for different types of papers. Best of luck if you decide to do this and link a picture in the comments because I would love to see. :)

Have fun being the editor in chief of your own nails!

(Such a lame newspaper joke.)


  1. WOOWWWWW. Thanks for sharing this - looks amazing! ...AMAZING. x

    1. Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to do! :)

  2. I love doing my nails like this!! Its the most popular post on my blog from ages ago! Looks amazing X

    1. Thank you! I do too, it's so different than just a plain polish. :) I will have to go check yours out!