Saturday, 4 February 2012

revlon lip butters

This is a product I have been enjoying for quite some time now. It's not a chapstick, not yet a lipstick.(Please sing that in the tune of Britney's "I'm Not a Girl".) It's actually a Revlon Lip Butter! Oh, you couldn't hear me over the sound of all the bandwagons driving by? Jump on one. Fast.

Strawberry Shortcake
Candy Apple

I spent a very long time debating colors in the drugstore. A veeerrry long time. More than likely, they thought I was shoplifting. [And I hate when stores think that.] I first settled on Strawberry Shortcake because you really can't go wrong with a pink for that. After a week or so, I was longing for more. After a meticulous search online for swatches I went back to buy Candy Apple and Lollipop. The big guns. The attention grabbers. These two were risky choices, but in the end both were a success. You can easy play em' up to full color pigmentation or take em' down by mixing a clear chapstick with them. And Cupcake was a delightful present from my mom. Can I get a "Whoop! Whoop!" for moms?*

*Whoop! Whoop!

Needless to say these are POP-U-LAR. Let me explain why with a numeric succession of descriptive reasons, or for you cut-to-the-chasers, a list!

1. Affordable (They are $8-$11 depending where you go.)
2. Moisturizing (Like a lip balm.)
3. Abundant amount of color (Like a lipstick.)
4. Fun packaging in time for spring (Neon brights are gonna be everywhere y'all!)
5. Generous amount of shades to choose from (Like 20! :O)

Though there are very few, there are some negative things you should be aware of before purchasing this product.

1. They will smush in the tube if you turn them up and down too fast (The lip butter is really soft, so don't be an animal.)
2. Not scented :( (A plus for some people I'm sure, but with delectable desert names like those I want some olfactory commotion!)
3. Be prepared to re-apply (Keep in mind these are more for casual everyday use, and not exactly long-lasting lip wear.)

So get out there and grab a couple of these while you still can. I'm presently resisting the urge not to go out and buy Sweet Tart and Peach Parfait too! I can't really afford it, but if I ever do make that guilt inducing purchase, you'll be the first to know about it. High five for friendship!*

*High five!


  1. Wow, these look gorgeous! I'll definitely pick some up when they are released in the UK.

    I've just found your blog and am really enjoying reading and following :)


    1. Thank you so much! Your comment totally made my day :) I hope they release them there soon so you can check them out; they are really wonderful. Plus there are plenty of shades to pick from!