Friday, 17 February 2012

things that go jump in the night

Just a low key comfortable outfit! Comfortable enough to jump in the air like you just don't care! Gosh I really should get out more. You see, the morning I put this on I was still confident that spring would be arriving soon. AKA: I thought winter was over. AKA: I thought it would be getting warmer. AKA: I was excited for tights weather.

Oh past Caitlin, how very wrong you were. The day after successfully wearing this out, a giant bucket of snow was thrown all over the town during the night! Cunning deceitful weather, how I loath you. Goodbye tights, goodbye flats, goodbye shorts, and goodbye wasted dreams. It was truly that dramatic.
Top: Jacob $29 (sale!)
Shorts: Gap $15 (sale!)
Tights: Old Navy $6
Flats: Payless $12 (sale!)
Crossbody Clutch: Icing by Claires $21
Cardigan: Local Shop $25

I got a lot of this on sale! Diva on a dime! Practical on a penny! Nifty on a nickel! That's all I can think of.
For now...
This top was a neat find! I'm always super careful with washing it because I'm scared the rhinestones will fall off and then it will just be a shirt with a collar of glue marks.
These are probably the most practical flats I have. I'm always drawn to bright colored shoes, and they always end up not matching many clothes. Black blends in seamlessly with everything, and you know I'm a total sucker for a flower detail.
My favorite part of this simple outfit is definitely the little bag. What can I say? I love that little bejeweled angel. Unfortunately I can't fit many things into it so it forces me to choose between my necessities and stuff I don't really need with me. On a good day I can usually fit in a coin purse, chapstick, a lip butter, keys, and my phone. (Secret: I usually bring a shopping tote in my coat pocket just to hold extra stuff I might accumulate while I'm out. I'm cheating :( Gasp!) Do you girls carry a lot of stuff around with you when you have a large purse? What are some things that you absolutely must have with you in your bag? I seem to have trouble walking around with only the bare minimum.


Well I guess that's everything. Let us hope that the blasted snow melts straight into oblivion. Maybe I could help it along. I just need to find an extension cord and my blowdryer.


  1. I love this outfit - simple but stunning! I want those pumps!

    Steph @

    1. Thanks Steph! That's so nice of you to say!

      They are so comfortable and were such a good deal; that's pretty much my checklist haha. I love the red shoes in your Valentines Evening post, so cute!