Thursday, 16 February 2012

too clutch of a good thing

I have a dream. A dream for a little collection of clutches. For the practical to the artistic, the satin to the bedazzled, envelope to kiss-lock, and for all the colors of the rainbow. I've obviously become obsessed. Although I most definitely don't have the funds for it, I certainly have the dreams! And Polyvore is a place for dreamers.

So I embarked on a quest for the best of the best! Some of the clutches I found were complete bargains, while others were hilariously out of my reach a wee bit more.

Fun Girly Clutches
Fun Girly Clutches

Let's start with the girly ones. I'm talking like so totally like rainbows, cupcakes and Lisa Frank! No, but I'm seriously smitten by the flowers, the frills, and the glitter of these clutches! I would love any one of them in time for summer. They are magical, and you're never too old for magic. Ask Cinderella's fairy godmother. She's gotta be pretty old.
Nude Classic Clutches

Although these next ones appear to be more classic, they are still secretly undercover girly. Just like James Bond. Did you know that James Bond started painting his toenails pink in 1977? Of course not, because he's undercover girly. Anyway, I love the subtle details on these. From the cute woven look on the first one, to pearls and floral lace. I mean that little sequin starfish is so cute it makes me forget how weird they look in real life.

Mod Neon Clutches
Mod Neon Clutches

Wow bright stuff! Now we're getting somewhere! If somewhere is a rave in Andy Warhol's basement. (BYOG!*)

These clutches are totally sixties-mod inspired and they're a perfect representation of the upcoming spring neon/colorblocking trends. If only they didn't cost such a pretty penny. I should have found cheaper ones, but these are just so clean and artsy looking. Especially that Christopher Kane one. Look it's filled with blue dye! You could squish it around all day! Perfect for those of us who are still 6 years old at heart. :D

*Bring Your Own Glowstick

Nighttime Glam Clutches
Nighttime Glam Clutches

As night falls deeper into darkness so should the color of your clutch apparently. These are my picks for the Glam lovers! I'm talking to you Fergie. No, a little mysterious glamour and nighttime sparkle is not a bad thing at all. That's why she wrote a song about it. The ones on the bottom are even affordable! The black one on the top looks so sophisticated though. I wish I could make one with the whole knot thing going on. Alas, I am not skilled enough.

Tribal Boho Clutches

Lastly, here are some boho and tribal inspired styles! I love the yellow Juicy Couture one with the beads and tassels. Why must everything I love be completely too expensive and out of reach? I feel like a dog who knows that treats are on top of the fridge.
I hope you all didn't mind taking a plunge into my crazy Fatal Attraction type interest in clutches. Maybe you even saw one or two you liked! Because I believe there is a style of clutch out there for everyone, and I haven't even scratched the surface yet. At the very least I've only scuffed it. And I fully intend to scratch it.


  1. hahaha I was in love with the Jamin Puech leather clutch... until I saw the price :)

    1. Oh yes it's so pretty right! I felt the exact same way when I first saw it, and then unfortunately its price haha. Way too expensive!