Monday, 20 February 2012

sorting hat fashion

Alright it's confession time. Desperately wanting to make these Hogwarts House outfit sets is why I made a Polyvore account in the first place. Years ago I saw one similar to these while searching for HP related halloween costumes and I was instantly overcome with emotion. My inner girly girl was like: Omgzz! That's SO cute! While my inner nerd was like: E=Mc... gotta make my own! Unfortunately due to my then limited knowledge of any internet site besides Facebook (*tisk tisk* so sad), I had no clue how they'd managed to make it! Just recently I finally connected the dots from others using the site around Blogger to showcase their wish list items. (Hopefully next time I'll clue in faster. *slaps wrist*) I had so much fun making these, I was on the site for hours!
What Would A Gryffindor Wear?

For the house of the chivalric and the brave of heart, I thought something bold and glittery might be appropriate! I think this set may actaully be my favorite. I love the mixture of textures between the lace dress and the sparkly accessories. Plus the ring reminds me of the Philosopher's Stone so of course it had to be included. I know the mouse shoes aren't exactly as fierce as a lion, but they are just so cute. I wish I could find a knock off version of the Marc Jacobs flats because there's no way I could afford the real ones!
What Would A Hufflepuff Wear?

Next we have Hufflepuff, the house Pottermore told me I'm in! Since friendliness, hard work and patience are valued here, I thought the set should be really sweet and fun, but at the same time display a more determined side. So I included things with a ton of ruffles, but then I added the tasseled bag and silver bangle to give it a slight edge. It was a lot of fun to play with the juxtaposition of bright happy yellow and deep serious black.("Serious" Black! Get it! Ahh, yay for Sirius.) The ring is actually supposed to be a fox, but I think it passes very nicely as a badger. :)
What Would A Ravenclaw Wear?

Ahhh Ravenclaw, full of wit, creativity, and wisdom! For this I wanted to break the house away from its bookworm reputation and dress it to the nines! I'm talkin' wedges, tulle, and a bunch of jewels. I also think that the butterfly wallet adds some uniqueness to the look. I know butterflies aren't exactly eagles, but they still fly! So they're kind of close I guess. (That's a strrreettcchh.) The ring is just as whimsical as the house itself, so it just had to be incorporated! However it's also another one of those high priced items that are highly out of my grasp. Why must I do this to myself?
What Would A Slytherin Wear?

Lastly we have Slytherin, a house known for its ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. I thought I could challenge the house's known status as the villainous one. Both the necklace and the ring are bold, but the dress, clutch, and shoe are elegant and girlish. The subtle contrast between these two styles is always a fun way to tweak an outfit. Draco Malfoy approved!


I really enjoyed making all these and thinking about it, I probably did put a little too much thought and time into them. Oh well I had fun. If you're intrigued, I'd completely recommend looking up some more or even making your own! As a Harry Potter addict I could look at everyone's Hogwarts house fashion for days! And I'm happy my attempt is finally up there along with the ten thousand other ones. :)


  1. I don't really like Harry Potter but these outfit sets are just too cute :D Great choice. It's a pity you haven't mentioned where to get these items ^^

    Hope you have a great week :)


    1. Thank you Yoshi! If you click the links right under the pictures you can see where to get each item :) I hope you have a great week too!