Wednesday, 14 March 2012

what do you wear on a book/nail polish journey? oh this...

Today I caught the bus to Walmart to go buy Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver! (Which is the sequel to her book Delirium that I finished a few months ago. It's sooo good, check it out!) Anywho I was hoping to get it there because their books are usually 30-40% off the cover price, but they didn't end up having it! :'( Crying face times a million! After that I didn't have the energy to walk up to Chapters so I left empty handed.

Well not completely.

I may have bought a totally gorgeous nail polish for a future nail post! (Here's a hint: it's a dupe of a Deborah Lippmann polish. Eeeeee! ) I will probably post it after my attempt at St. Patricks Day nails!
Now onto the sham of an outfit I pieced together. Yes. The black pants are back AGAIN. They've been making more appearances than Edward Cullen in a 12 year old girl's diary. ZING! I'm just kidding! She's more like 42. But I love these pants! I never ever wore pants before I found these ones.

MY LIFE BEFORE: Spring/summer? Dresses. Fall/winter? Dresses with tights.
MY LIFE NOW: Wearing pants like a normal person.

But these are great and that's why I got three pair. Like Octomom is with children is how I am with these pants. I just want eight of em'!

The rest is pretty much stuff that's been in my closet forever. The scarf is probably 5 years old, the bangle 4 years old, and the boots almost 1 year. VINTAGE. Except not at all.

I'm so happy they all survived my sell-everything-I-own-on-eBay phase. (My Beanie Babies are gonna be next. They're my retirement fund.)

Shirt: RW&Co
Tank: Garage
Pants: RW&Co
Scarf: Winners
Bangle: Local Store
Boots: Shoe Warehouse


  1. Your photos are so fun! Good casual outfit for running around in :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I wish the weather would perk up a little so everyone could trade in the boots for flats and sandals already haha :)

  2. Great pics! :-)