Saturday, 28 April 2012

to peplum or not to peplum?

That is the question Hamlet should have been asking.
to peplum or not to peplum?
white lace top: house of fraser, navy polka dot top: h&m, blue lace top: dorothy perkins, pink textured top: miss selfridge, yellow textured top: miss selfridge

With its unique silhouette and feminine elegance, the peplum top is certainly a refreshing alternative to a plain old t-shirt or simple blouse.

Another perk of a tops in this style is that they can easily range from casual to dressy depending on the material. A top made from lace or silk would instantly dress up a pair of dark jeans for the evening, while a similar top in cotton would be pretty during the day.

My only concern about peplum tops is whether or not they would be figure flattering. If the seam hits at the lowest part of the waist then they may look great; if not, it could look awkward. Here's to hoping peplum tops are just as enchanting in person as they are online. If they are, I'm about ready to jump aboard this trend train!

Friday, 27 April 2012

the finishing clutch

I haven't exactly kept my love for clutches a secret. Exhibit A? This post here. But I still very much dream of having a modest collection to call my own. (Said collection currently contains three clutches.) From vintage to modern, big to small, bold to neutral... the list could go on and on. Call me Ash Ketchum because I gotta catch em' all.

Okay that sounded crazy. Regardless, please believe that there is method to my madness. Clutches are light weight, ultra feminine, and can instantly add character to almost any outfit. What's not to love?*

*The price tag on some of them.
black bracelets: claire's, clutch: walmart, dark mint dress: roxy, nail polish: essie lady like

This clutch was an instant buy for the following reasons:

- It was only 15 dollars, and I was completely surprised to find it at Walmart

- The hot pink satin looks feminine, while the delicate black overlay results in a gothic vibe

- Because of its bold color, it easily functions as both an evening and daytime bag

- It's large to hold my belongings

On top of a fondness for clutches, I'm also guilty of stockpiling scarves.

 I know, I know. The Hoarders theme song should be playing in the background.
What's your favorite type of accessory?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

mom style no.2

So I thought it would be fun to do another mom style. The segment where my mom's vintage clothing inspires a modern outfit. It's daring, it's wild, it's probably not that entertaining. If anything this post is proof that I've been sorting through the old photo albums again. What a marvelous life I lead. Nonetheless let's jump into it.

I just realized that I chose another photo where she isn't smiling! Believe me when I say that my mom actually does smile. I'm obviously just a bad picture chooser.

Below are the items that bring this "mom style" up to the 21st century! Fierce perm not included. In the 80s/90s mother was more perm than woman.
mom style no.2
mint t-shirt: american vintage, white shorts: old navy, striped duffle bag: macy's, woven belt: forever 21, tan t-strap sandals: american eagle

Mint shirt - Mint green seems to be the color this season. That being said, mother was 22 years ahead of trend. I should take her out to dinner to congratulate her. (Then ask her what will be in style for 2034. Future chic!)

Striped duffle - I think this would make for such a cute weekend bag, with its colorful stripes. It is beautiful and I would fill it with everything.

Woven belt - A classic spring staple. Woven belts instantly add texture to an outfit; they are the miracle workers of the belt world. I wonder if there are any DIY woven belt tutorials? To Google!

White shorts - Since I've yet to find the perfect pair of white jeans for spring, I'll have to compromise for some white shorts instead. You see, my worrisome mind is betting that by the time I find white jeans it will almost be summer and therefore, too hot for pants. That situation will lead to crying. Crying all over the white jeans! Or not.

Faux leather sandals - I had a pair of American Eagle sandals like this that I wore to death. [RIP shoes.] They lasted from 2008 all the way to 2011. Moral of the story: they are champions.

That's everything! Better hold me back people, or grandma style could be next.

Monday, 23 April 2012

it's business as usual

That's right, this blazer is just business as usual. Business at a law firm downtown? No. Business auditioning for The Apprentice? No. (If Star Jones can't win no one can.) Business stealing the Declaration of Independence? No.

Hmm I guess it really has nothing to do with business then. It's just a blazer!
This blazer was my mom's from the 80s, (insert Mean Girls insult here) and she let me have it! I was surprised to learn that she had hung onto a few retro things, because I always thought she had disposed of it all. Nonetheless I'm glad she hung onto this and after promptly removing the shoulder pads I was ready to go. (Disco rolled over in its grave when I ripped those out.)

I like to think that it will act as a great practice blazer. I can test it out with different outfits and see if it's worth the splurge to buy one with a more modern cut. Kind of like those 30 day test trials on silly informercial products! (I'm looking at you Magic Bullet. Blends a smoothie in under 10 seconds? Pffft.)

All in all I think this outfit can be explained as forever-21-dress-addict meets extreme-gypsy-bracelet-stacker meets tough-guy-thinks-he's-tough-just-because-his-shoes-have-studs, all thrown over girl-who-keeps-wearing-her-mom's-old-clothes.

blazer: vintage from mom
dress: forever 21
bag: walmart
flats: gap
large oval bracelet: vintage from mom [what else is new?]
bow bangle: jacob
smaller jeweled bracelet: gift

Friday, 20 April 2012

do you know any pirate jokes? neither do "ayyyyy!"

First let's take a look at that white billowy pirate influenced top. Great. Now let's answer the question on everyone's mind. Am I Jack Sparrow's sister?

Okay I respect you enough to tell you the truth and...
yes, yes I am.

Alright no I'm not. But with a top like that I'd almost believe it myself! Sailing the high seas on a lifetime hunt for treasure that ultimately goes nowhere! That's the dream.

floral scarf: walmart
white top with giant sleeves: style&co from the bay
brown crossbody bag: mia deluca for bentley
teal jean shorts: the gap
tan strap shoes: payless
Jumbo sleeve alert! If I ever encounter a slight breeze I'll probably be blown half way across the planet. Get your camcorders ready because my journey will be just like the movie Up, except a whole lot less heartwarming.
I'm just kidding though. This top is incredibly comfy and so easy to wear. Thankfully there are enough feminine details on it so it doesn't look like I actually stole it from Captain Hook's closet.

Moral of this post: If gigantic sleeves are wrong, I don't want to be right.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

the versatile blogger award

Thank you so much to the wonderful Sarah of Keep Calm and Carry Lipstick for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I'm extremely appreciative and so glad that I can take this opportunity to share some of the blogs that I look forward to reading everyday!

So these are the rules! [For more info click here.]
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to their blog.
  • List 15 blogs you've discovered recently and/or read regularly
  • Share 7 things about yourself. 

Now for the 15 nominations after the jump!
[I also decided to include short write ups about each blog so you can get a general idea of why they are so great :) And I apologize if you've been tagged in one of these before. Think of it as a double award!]

Sunday, 15 April 2012

mom style no.1

So the other day I was sorting through old photos, as people who have no life tend to do, and I stumbled upon this little number. And just let me say that I think my mom is looking stylish! (Also let me say that she would totally hate me calling her that.) But I thought it might be fun to switch things up and do a "vintage mom gets dressed" segment. 

Here we go! :)
Okay, let's start by getting in the right state of mind for this post. 


Let's pretend like we've just stepped out of a time machine. We are now in a year when "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" are the songs all the kids are grooving to, and films like Top Gun and Ferris Buller's Day Off are sweeping the nation. 

That's right girls. It's time to get our perms on because I'm talking about 1986!

I think mother's look up above is a nice example of classic understated style. It definitely serves as a great foundation for a simple casual outfit, and she didn't go too crazy with any over the top 80s trends. (Plus I would love to have those boots in my life. Why oh why didn't my mother save any clothing from the past.)
Mom Fashion
Cashmere Cable Sweater J. Crew, Cross Body Handbag Tilly's, Dark Wash Skinny Jeans Awear, Grey Coat John Lewis, Buckle Boots J.Crew

When recreating this look I wanted to retain the no fuss vibe of the original outfit, while still modernizing certain pieces (like the jeans) to make the ensemble more wearable in this era.

It has the mom stamp of approval!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

19 spring wardrobe essentials

Spring is almost fully in bloom, and what better way to celebrate than by incorporating the colors and vibes of the season into our everyday clothing!

Espejoa Mini-Dress Anthropologie, Flower Headband Wetseal, Chambray Tunic J. CrewFlower Earrings Debenhams, Sunglasses Monki, She's Picture Perfect Polish EssieWhite Blazer American Eagle, Chiffon Box Top Buckle, Straw Clutch EndlessSkinny Twill Pants American Eagle, Bow Ring Forever 21, Floral Scarf  H&M, Pleated Skirt Monki, Cactus Flower Necklace J. Crew, White Jegging American Eagle, Umbrella Modcloth, Embellished Flats Forever 21, White Cardigan Dorothy Perkins, Polka Dot Rainboots Endless

Since summer always seems to pop up so suddenly after the last school semester ends, spring is our final chance to wear certain pieces of warmer clothing before it gets too hot. Kind of like a last hurrah for jackets and pants if you will!

With this reasoning in mind, I devised a simple collection of spring inspired clothing items and accessories. By integrating fluid fabrics, pastel hues and floral embellishments into our existing wardrobes, we can emulate not only the season, but its core disposition as well. 

(Also it may be cliche, but the umbrella and rainboots simply had to be included because springtime usually means one thing: IT'S GONNA RAIN.)

This is the final list! I could play mix-and-match with these items until the cows come home :)

1. Bright dress
2. Sparkly headband
3. Chambray tunic
4. Rose stud earrings
5. Heart shaped sunglasses
6. Pastel nail polish
7. White blazer
8. Any chiffon top
9. Straw clutch
10. Pastel crop pants
11. Bow ring
12. Floral scarf
13. Flowy skirt
14. Statement necklace
15. White jeans
16. Umbrella
17. Girly flats
18. Classic cardigan
19. Rainboots

What are a few of your favorite spring wardrobe pieces?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

revlon whimsical

Oh hello there nail polish! Haven't seen you around here in awhile. :O
For the past two weeks my nails have been on a little vacation! Constantly applying and removing nail polish can be quite damaging, so I wanted to give them a chance to breathe.

And now that that's over with we can get back to hardcore painting! [Plus there are way too many exciting spring shades to hold off from polish for too long :)]
Now I was freaking out when I first saw this. That's right. Freaking out in the middle of the Walmart cosmetics section. FREAKING OUT.

Specifically because of this polish's striking resemblance to Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. They could be twins.

So this was fantastic news if, like me, you yearn over Lippmann polishes yet wince at the price tag. With Whimsical being around 5 dollars [depending where you buy it] it is a total steal for us frugal girls.
Wow. I could just DIE looking at this picture. The varying types of blue and pink glitter and the pale blue base definitely form a magical concoction. This is the perfect polish to wear whether you're reading a fairy tale, attending the prince's ball, or just brushing your pet unicorn.

Because it's not just beautiful, it's whimsical!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

following up with the march luxe box

So instead of rambling on in a post about my mini reviews for each March Luxe Box product, I decided to attempt to do them in video form. Whoa, switching it on up!
It was tons of fun to change up the format of these reviews a little bit, even though I don't exactly say anything substantial about the items. I basically just give products tons of weird ratings that don't mean anything and roll around on the floor.