Friday, 20 April 2012

do you know any pirate jokes? neither do "ayyyyy!"

First let's take a look at that white billowy pirate influenced top. Great. Now let's answer the question on everyone's mind. Am I Jack Sparrow's sister?

Okay I respect you enough to tell you the truth and...
yes, yes I am.

Alright no I'm not. But with a top like that I'd almost believe it myself! Sailing the high seas on a lifetime hunt for treasure that ultimately goes nowhere! That's the dream.

floral scarf: walmart
white top with giant sleeves: style&co from the bay
brown crossbody bag: mia deluca for bentley
teal jean shorts: the gap
tan strap shoes: payless
Jumbo sleeve alert! If I ever encounter a slight breeze I'll probably be blown half way across the planet. Get your camcorders ready because my journey will be just like the movie Up, except a whole lot less heartwarming.
I'm just kidding though. This top is incredibly comfy and so easy to wear. Thankfully there are enough feminine details on it so it doesn't look like I actually stole it from Captain Hook's closet.

Moral of this post: If gigantic sleeves are wrong, I don't want to be right.

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