Friday, 27 April 2012

the finishing clutch

I haven't exactly kept my love for clutches a secret. Exhibit A? This post here. But I still very much dream of having a modest collection to call my own. (Said collection currently contains three clutches.) From vintage to modern, big to small, bold to neutral... the list could go on and on. Call me Ash Ketchum because I gotta catch em' all.

Okay that sounded crazy. Regardless, please believe that there is method to my madness. Clutches are light weight, ultra feminine, and can instantly add character to almost any outfit. What's not to love?*

*The price tag on some of them.
black bracelets: claire's, clutch: walmart, dark mint dress: roxy, nail polish: essie lady like

This clutch was an instant buy for the following reasons:

- It was only 15 dollars, and I was completely surprised to find it at Walmart

- The hot pink satin looks feminine, while the delicate black overlay results in a gothic vibe

- Because of its bold color, it easily functions as both an evening and daytime bag

- It's large to hold my belongings

On top of a fondness for clutches, I'm also guilty of stockpiling scarves.

 I know, I know. The Hoarders theme song should be playing in the background.
What's your favorite type of accessory?


  1. This is so pretty! I'm actually headed to Walmart today! Better keep my eye out for it!

    1. Oh awesome! I'm glad you like it too!