Sunday, 15 April 2012

mom style no.1

So the other day I was sorting through old photos, as people who have no life tend to do, and I stumbled upon this little number. And just let me say that I think my mom is looking stylish! (Also let me say that she would totally hate me calling her that.) But I thought it might be fun to switch things up and do a "vintage mom gets dressed" segment. 

Here we go! :)
Okay, let's start by getting in the right state of mind for this post. 


Let's pretend like we've just stepped out of a time machine. We are now in a year when "Walk Like An Egyptian" and "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" are the songs all the kids are grooving to, and films like Top Gun and Ferris Buller's Day Off are sweeping the nation. 

That's right girls. It's time to get our perms on because I'm talking about 1986!

I think mother's look up above is a nice example of classic understated style. It definitely serves as a great foundation for a simple casual outfit, and she didn't go too crazy with any over the top 80s trends. (Plus I would love to have those boots in my life. Why oh why didn't my mother save any clothing from the past.)
Mom Fashion
Cashmere Cable Sweater J. Crew, Cross Body Handbag Tilly's, Dark Wash Skinny Jeans Awear, Grey Coat John Lewis, Buckle Boots J.Crew

When recreating this look I wanted to retain the no fuss vibe of the original outfit, while still modernizing certain pieces (like the jeans) to make the ensemble more wearable in this era.

It has the mom stamp of approval!


  1. Awww this is such a lovely post :)

    I need that jumper!!!


    1. Thanks so much! I thought it would be fun to try a different type of post :) I agree, the jumper looks so cozy!

  2. Haha, mums are always a great inspiration. My mum and I have a totally different style, but I have rescued so many things from her wardrobe when she doesn't want them anymore (okay, I've also "stolen" her things, such as multiple scarves). And also the other way round, when I lose weight and trousers are too huge for me, she is glad to wear them instead of me :D .

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

    1. That's so funny! Love that haha! I've been known to steal a few of my mom's items as well :P It's nice to have access to another person's handbag collection!