Tuesday, 17 April 2012

the versatile blogger award

Thank you so much to the wonderful Sarah of Keep Calm and Carry Lipstick for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I'm extremely appreciative and so glad that I can take this opportunity to share some of the blogs that I look forward to reading everyday!

So these are the rules! [For more info click here.]
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to their blog.
  • List 15 blogs you've discovered recently and/or read regularly
  • Share 7 things about yourself. 

Now for the 15 nominations after the jump!
[I also decided to include short write ups about each blog so you can get a general idea of why they are so great :) And I apologize if you've been tagged in one of these before. Think of it as a double award!]

Sim at A Woman Like Me
She has such great taste! Her musings on fashion trends are always delightful to read, and I'm currently enjoying her zodiac style guides! [I'm guilty of being a huge horoscope geek :D]

Beth at Birds Words
Love her girly sense of style, and reading her opinions on beauty products! Such a personable blog and she's also a fellow nail polish addict :)

Maricel at Brows Lashes Lips
Started out by watching her youtube beauty videos and quickly got hooked on her blog as well :) Love her feminine and sparkly clothing and accessory picks! 

Sarah at Coopers Closet
Always look forward to her outfit posts; they are fantastic! Plus she always has the absolute cutest shoes on :) 

Hayley at Dollymix962
Love her thoughtful opinions on beauty products and clothing items! [She also makes wonderful youtube videos.]

Laura at Laura-Jayn
Wonderful blog filled to the brim with makeup and nail polish! Always has great reviews on products :)

Leanne at Leanne Marie
A brilliant blog written by such a nice girl! Love her taste in handbags, and I always look forward to reading her weekly "Ins and Outs" and "Few to Follow" posts.

Leanne at Little Babble
Her outfit posts are so cute and wearable!  I always look forward to reading her new posts. [Bonus: she loves pugs! :D]

Laura at Lolly Coral
She has excellent thoughts on beauty and fashion. Her "Wishful Wednesday" posts always feature such cute items!

Lucy at Lucy My Lovee
I enjoy her "Week in Photos" and "Things I Want This Week" posts! Also it's always interesting to hear her opinions on beauty products!

Maisy at MaisyETC
She has such great taste in books, nail polish, and Hello Kitty merchandise! Her blog is very well written and fun to read :) She also makes fantastic lists!

Melissa at Miss Melissa
Talk about fashion inspiration! Her outfit posts are the perfect mix of feminine and sophisticated. In other words I would absolutely love to raid her wardrobe!

Stephie at Stephie In Wonderland
Very cute and nicely written blog! Love her vintage inspired style :) She's also doing "Frock Friday" which features a cute dress at the end of every week!

Jyoti at Style Delights
Great thoughts on fashion and celebrity style! She updates her blog so often, I'm always excited to read her new posts :)

Valentina at Valentina Dang
Her blog encompasses beauty, nails, and great stories on life.  I really like the way she writes and she's also a very talented photographer!

Okay 7 little facts!

1. Scarves are my favorite type of accessory. I'd love to have one in every texture, colour, and pattern but that would be loco!

2. I've tried and failed multiple times to grow out my bangs. I'm still convinced that I'll eventually do it, but I'll need to do something drastic like go into a 10 month hibernation or move to a world without scissors.

3. More than anything I wish I could have a cat. My apartment doesn't allow animals and it kills me not to have one. Or seven... Just kidding ;) Someday I will have an animal to love!

4. My favorite colour is pink!

5. Sewing is one of my favorite hobbies, but I have a love/hate relationship with it. Every project is a roller coaster of emotions. I go from motivated, to frustrated, to crying, to determined, to more crying, and then to motivated again. I wish I had Tim Gunn to help me along the way!

6. I love astronomy. I used to watch a space documentary online every night before I went to sleep. It's all so fascinating! My favourite planet is either Neptune or Jupiter, but honestly I love them all :)

7. Ebay is my weakness. Especially the really cheap costume costume jewelry.

Phew, I think that's everything! Thanks for reading and have an excellent day :D


  1. Aww thank you so much :D I love posts like these, it's nice to learn more about the person behind the blog x

    1. You're welcome Leanne! I love your blog :)