Monday, 23 April 2012

it's business as usual

That's right, this blazer is just business as usual. Business at a law firm downtown? No. Business auditioning for The Apprentice? No. (If Star Jones can't win no one can.) Business stealing the Declaration of Independence? No.

Hmm I guess it really has nothing to do with business then. It's just a blazer!
This blazer was my mom's from the 80s, (insert Mean Girls insult here) and she let me have it! I was surprised to learn that she had hung onto a few retro things, because I always thought she had disposed of it all. Nonetheless I'm glad she hung onto this and after promptly removing the shoulder pads I was ready to go. (Disco rolled over in its grave when I ripped those out.)

I like to think that it will act as a great practice blazer. I can test it out with different outfits and see if it's worth the splurge to buy one with a more modern cut. Kind of like those 30 day test trials on silly informercial products! (I'm looking at you Magic Bullet. Blends a smoothie in under 10 seconds? Pffft.)

All in all I think this outfit can be explained as forever-21-dress-addict meets extreme-gypsy-bracelet-stacker meets tough-guy-thinks-he's-tough-just-because-his-shoes-have-studs, all thrown over girl-who-keeps-wearing-her-mom's-old-clothes.

blazer: vintage from mom
dress: forever 21
bag: walmart
flats: gap
large oval bracelet: vintage from mom [what else is new?]
bow bangle: jacob
smaller jeweled bracelet: gift


  1. I love blazers, though i wasn't blessed with the most slender of upper arms so I often have to size up but they give a bit of 'tude to a girly dress. I really like the stack of bracelets you have going on too!


    1. Thanks Maisy! I love blazers too, but they are totally one of the most difficult things to size! There's always something off about them in the stores!

  2. Wow looks great on you! Such a cute outfit :) I'm envious XD haha :)

    And the bracelets really are awesome!

    Greetings :)

    1. Thanks Yoshi! That's so nice of you to say about the bracelets :D

  3. Ahhahaha! LOVE IT! If you look at my blog you will see an inordinate number of 80s blazers from my mom, and I don't take the shoulder pads out girl, I live on the edge. :)

    I love your writing style as well! Stoked I found your blog through the IFB project this week.
    Jennifer Malcriada

    1. I can't wait to check out your blog! Moms old clothes are the best hey? I wish I could be daring enough to keep the shoulder pads in haha! And thank you for such an amazing compliment :) It means a lot!