Saturday, 5 May 2012

rain gear is fun gear

Rain is here, and it's time to adapt. And I will adapt the only way I know how. By cowering in my rubber boots and sulking underneath my polka dot umbrella. Because apparently April showers just bring even more May showers.

Thankfully today those showers happened to be light and sporadic. Even so, I've never been one to pass up an opportunity to put on rain boots and panic about the weather. I was probably over equipped but you never know when a small drizzle of rain could turn into a gigantic hurricane*!

dress: local shop; era brand
coat: sirens
tights: old navy
rain boots: soft moc
umbrella: university bookstore

*Almost never.
I mean just look at that foreboding and gloomy sky. Where is that damn sun when you need it? Oh and in relatively happier news, my April Luxe Box arrived. Kinda cool.
I might as well make a holster for my umbrella since that thing will be like an extension of my arm for the next little bit.
One must always be crazy prepared.

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