Sunday, 6 May 2012

the april luxe box

Well, well, well. Look who finally showed up. No phone call? No note? I was worried sick. Well not really, but it sure feels weird to be writing about the April Luxe Box in May. I really like to be on time with these things, but I guess the boxes must have been shipped out a little later than usual. Alas we must power through.

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner
These are probably the least exciting things in the box. I've never really liked Pantene hair products, but I'm more than willing to give these a try because they're from the new Aqua Light line. These products claim to achieve weightlessness by using water-soluble components.

So hopefully they work out because Pantene isn't the most glamourous brand in the world. But I guess it's pretty nifty to have the opportunity to try new products before they hit the shelves.

Valentina Perfume Sample
Another perfume sample! They're sending more then I'm able to get through. Not that I'm complaining. I absolutely love keeping an extra one in my purse, and thanks to Luxe Box I'll always be stocked up. Apparently you can get them for free at department stores, but I've always been to nervous to ask.

Valentina smells kind of florally and earthy at the same time. Maybe fruity as well? Hmmm it's hard to describe.

Well now that the colossal disaster of describing the scent is over, I can mention the coolest part: this sample is in a rollerball vial. Thumbs up for convenience!

China Glaze Liquid Crystal
This product is by far my favorite thing in the box. But you know me, I'm always delighted whenever nail polish is involved.

Plus China Glaze is my absolute favorite polish brand, so naturally I was happier than a bird with a french fry when I saw that this was included. And it also just happens to be my most-loved kind of shade: multicolored and crammed with glitter. Perfection lives in this bottle.

Philosophy Brightening Peel
The only other Philosophy product I've ever tried was their Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash. I received it for free at Sephora sometime around my birthday. Seven months later and I'm still carefully rationing it. That can only mean two things: the product is really good, and I can't afford to buy another one.

Such will probably be the case with this brightening peel, and unfortunately the package says it only contains one wipe. Maybe I'll cut it in half or something.

See you later this month future May Luxe Box!


  1. Love this GIF in the end:-) I want to do it after vacuuming in my house:-)LOL! Nice goodies in the luxe box! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. Haha thanks so much :) You totally should! I'll go check out your new post!