Saturday, 30 June 2012

julep meryl

I've been in such a weird nail polish phase lately. I seem to be gravitating towards a lot of muddy mauves, browns, and grays. [Are those colors a vacuum? Because I'm getting sucked in! Heh heh.]

Although these types of shades may seem a bit sullen for the current season, I like to think that they're just super regal and mysterious. Yeah, let's go with that. Anyways, with Eeyore inspiring my current taste in nail polish, it's no surprise that I'm loving this one.

Described on Julep's website as a "sophisticated gray creme," Meryl is equally as classic and charming as the actress it was named for. [All hail the queen.]

This polish applies smoothly and without fuss. During the first coat Meryl is like, "I'm going to be kind of sheer!" But by the second coat it's all like, "just kidding I'm actually quite opaque." What a trickster.

This rein of gloomy polish may not last long though, my July box is set to contain a couple dazzling pink polishes! So it shouldn't be too hard to climb back on the metaphorical wagon of bright summer polish.

Monday, 25 June 2012

if you can't do the time, don't do the lime

These shorts turned out to be one of those items that you pay full price for, but then end up seeing two months later on a clearance rack for 8 dollars. Which not only leaves you dwelling on the cruelness of the world, but also causes you to shake your fist angrily at the sky, cursing the store for all the ways they have wronged you. "DAMN YOU GAAAPP!"

But in contrast to those unfortunate situations, occasionally the sale stickers can work in your favor. In fact, the shirt I'm wearing in this post was actually a 12 dollar discovery from their clearance section. Sigh. The Gap giveth and the Gap taketh away.

dress shirt: gap
shorts: gap
shoes: payless
cardigan: costa blanca
nail polish: china glaze liquid crystal

PS. It's time to break out the margaritas and Ke$ha CDs because summer has officially arrived! Now maybe it'll stop raining here long enough so it can actually start to feel like it. BAM. So much sass towards Mother Nature right now.

I should really consider changing the name of this blog from "Caitlin Gets Dressed" to "Caitlin Gets Dressed Then Complains About the Weather." It's both catchy and true.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

20 summer wardrobe essentials

Summer is upon us! Well it's supposed to be anyway. But even if it doesn't fully feel like summer yet, that doesn't mean we can't start brainstorming a few warm weather clothing ideas. So let's jump into it! This post contains some basic seasonal pieces that would make splendid additions to any existing wardrobe. :)

Oh and there's also sunscreen. Don't forget sunscreen. It's everyone's most neglected best friend.

Summer Essentials
straw tote bag: matalan, sunscreen: neutrogena, sundress: house of fraser, lilac cardigan: j crew, blue skirt: vanessa bruno, straw hat: wet seal, metallic clutch: asos, pink flip flops: fashion union, jean jacket: madewell, sunglasses: mango, blue shorts: only, nail polish: butter london disco biscuit, tank top: j crew, floral maxi dress: dorothy perkins, embroidered beige top: oasis, bracelets: asos, leather sandals: abercrombie and fitch, jean shorts: hollister, bikini top: j crew, bikini bottom: j crew, wedges: steve madden

1. tote bag
2. sunscreen
3. sundress
4. cardigan
5. cotton skirt
6. hat
7. clutch
8. rubber flip flops
9. jean jacket
10. sunglasses
11. colored shorts
12. bright nail polish
13. tank top
14. maxi dress
15. cotton top
16. layered bracelets
17. leather sandals
18. jean shorts
19. swimsuit
20. wedges

Saturday, 16 June 2012

china glaze liquid crystal

I received this bejeweled polish back in April when it arrived inside that month's Luxe Box. Ever since then it has become an instant favorite, and the most glitzy shade in my little basket of nail polish.

So let me step into my goody-review-shoes for a moment and dive right into the glitter explosion that is Liquid Crystal.

This polish has a blue and silver shimmered base, a variety of multi-sized rainbow glitter, and a slight purple duo-chrome effect to it. THERE'S. SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. HERE. [But it's basically pure glitter in a bottle, so sparkle enthusiasts are pretty much guaranteed to love it.]

One of the most surprising things about Liquid Crystal is its texture. Without a top coat, it is extremely bumpy and rough to the touch. Strangely, this is a feature that I've really grown to like about this polish.

The only downside to Liquid Crystal is that it's a total pain in the butt to remove. So be prepared with q-tips, cotton pads and sandpaper* just in case.

*Just kidding about the sandpaper. No matter how much the glitter tries to drive me to it, I won't go all Holmes on Homes on my fingernails. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

cheap ebay jewelry

Oh no, it's cheap Ebay jewerly! Be warned, it will only lead you down a dark and gritty path of low standards and weird looking two dollar charges on your credit card statement.

Save yourself because it's too late for me. The necklace I wore today is proof of that. It was three dollars and it's also becoming one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear. Even though it's kind of tarnishing... and sometimes the little triangles flip up the wrong way...

But that is neither here nor there! See, even with my past purchases disintegrating right before my eyes, I still find myself on the hunt for more. Just can't deny this fondness for costume jewelry.

I like cheap and I like variety. Put 'em together and what have you got? Bibbity bobbity boo.  A lot purchases from Ebay, Forever 21 and Claire's.

Here are a few of the pieces that I'm currently ogling.

I know they may discolor and I know they may fall apart, but it's so much easier clicking the checkout button when the total is $8 instead of $80. I am such a cheapskate bargain hunter.

dress: roxy
cardigan: smart set
necklace: ebay
flats: ardene

Quality should trump quantity every time, and I should probably learn that.

Starting later.

Because I just ordered this awesome velcro hair bow for a dollar! It's meant to keep your hair back whilst doing makeup. Presently I'm convinced that it's the coolest and cutest thing I have ever seen, but we'll investigate that again in the morning. Online shopping and lack of sleep do not mix.

Or do they?


But maybe they do.


Friday, 8 June 2012

seasonal scarf retirement

It's getting to be that time of year when it's super weird to wear a scarf in public. [Unless you're a hipster or Steven Tyler. Or both.] And by "getting" I mean well-past. This is a very disappointing time for me because scarves are my best defense against old clothes and bland outfits. They disguise the lame things I wear and I need them, weather be damned!

But alas, it's getting too hot and no one wants a sweaty neck. Sigh. I don't know where to go from here. Parting is such sweet sorrow long chunks of fabric.

dress: forever 21
cardigan: suzy shier
scarf: suzy shier
shoes: payless

Oh my I just re-read what I wrote up there. It's funny how I was excited for spring and summer, but I've basically been writing farewell posts to all my winter clothing. So many mixed signals.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

essie tart deco

The other day I brought a bottle of nail polish to the beach for the sole purpose of taking pictures of it...

So that's something that happened.

In my defense Tart Deco has all the workings of a fabulous summer polish and that needed to be represented. And what does summer represent? Beach. And what does beach represent? Sand. And what does sand represent? ART. (Logic at its finest.) One mustn't question a girl with vision! (But it's probably best to anyway.)

Tart Deco is a creamy coral shade that requires 2-3 coats to become opaque. And once it does... BAM. Magic. Needless to say, I love this color. It's also fairly average on the chipping front, lasting about three days or so.

For all these wonderful reasons I would say that this polish was totally worth withstanding the silent ridicule of strangers. Not that I blame them or anything. Nothing looks crazier than a person taking pictures of their hand.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

{from day to night} nautical

This is just a quick post to satisfy my current yearning for nautical things. With a sprinkle of sailor attitude, a dash of pirate charm, and the exclusion of an eye patch, you'll be hooked [Get it? Hooked? Heh heh.] and ready to start a new life on the sea. Aye aye!
day to night: nautical
white sunglasses: i-sunglasses, anchor purse: asos, striped watch: anne klein, tan belt: forever 21, white skirt: river island, starfish sandals: old navy,
 rope bow ring: endless, anchor top: j crew, starfish earrings: stella & dot, red anchor necklace: collectif, black peplum shorts: river island
sequin bag: target, metallic sandals: macy's

So I kind of took the more subtle route here, but I just wanted to experiment with a few sailor themed pieces without getting too maritime-happy. [Example of going over-the-top-nautical: this dress that I ordered on ebay last summer. There's no way to tone that baby down.]

Anywho, nothing adds instant fun to a wardrobe like adding anchor print, rope texture, a few stripes, and some starfish! [Note to self: add more starfish next time. They're cool.]