Saturday, 16 June 2012

china glaze liquid crystal

I received this bejeweled polish back in April when it arrived inside that month's Luxe Box. Ever since then it has become an instant favorite, and the most glitzy shade in my little basket of nail polish.

So let me step into my goody-review-shoes for a moment and dive right into the glitter explosion that is Liquid Crystal.

This polish has a blue and silver shimmered base, a variety of multi-sized rainbow glitter, and a slight purple duo-chrome effect to it. THERE'S. SO. MUCH. GOING. ON. HERE. [But it's basically pure glitter in a bottle, so sparkle enthusiasts are pretty much guaranteed to love it.]

One of the most surprising things about Liquid Crystal is its texture. Without a top coat, it is extremely bumpy and rough to the touch. Strangely, this is a feature that I've really grown to like about this polish.

The only downside to Liquid Crystal is that it's a total pain in the butt to remove. So be prepared with q-tips, cotton pads and sandpaper* just in case.

*Just kidding about the sandpaper. No matter how much the glitter tries to drive me to it, I won't go all Holmes on Homes on my fingernails. 


  1. That polish is amazing!!! The glitter is so pretty :)

    1. I really like it too :) Glitter is always so fun!

  2. I've been quite tempted by China Glaze since their Hunger Games collection (yes, I am easily swayed by a theme... and packaging #shallowhallette)but this is gorgeous! I love that it is Rainbow glitter but with the purple/silver finish - very snazzy. A tip with getting glitter nail polish off (like you, many an hour an q-tips have been lost in the battle against glitter polish) is to put a cotton bud soaked in nail polish removed on each nail and then wrap foil round it, leave for a bit and then the polish should come off alot easier :)

    1. Oh I agree that the Hunger Games collection was amazing! I'm easily swayed by those types of things as well :P And thank you for the glitter removal tip :) That will save me so much time! Glitter is gorgeous, but a total pain!