Saturday, 2 June 2012

{from day to night} nautical

This is just a quick post to satisfy my current yearning for nautical things. With a sprinkle of sailor attitude, a dash of pirate charm, and the exclusion of an eye patch, you'll be hooked [Get it? Hooked? Heh heh.] and ready to start a new life on the sea. Aye aye!
day to night: nautical
white sunglasses: i-sunglasses, anchor purse: asos, striped watch: anne klein, tan belt: forever 21, white skirt: river island, starfish sandals: old navy,
 rope bow ring: endless, anchor top: j crew, starfish earrings: stella & dot, red anchor necklace: collectif, black peplum shorts: river island
sequin bag: target, metallic sandals: macy's

So I kind of took the more subtle route here, but I just wanted to experiment with a few sailor themed pieces without getting too maritime-happy. [Example of going over-the-top-nautical: this dress that I ordered on ebay last summer. There's no way to tone that baby down.]

Anywho, nothing adds instant fun to a wardrobe like adding anchor print, rope texture, a few stripes, and some starfish! [Note to self: add more starfish next time. They're cool.]


  1. Those starfish sandels and the clutch are great! Fantastic way to incorporate the trend into an already existing wardrobe!


    1. Those are a couple of my favorite items too! Thankfully they are also cheap which is awesome :P

  2. Cute looks!

    1. Thanks so much! I wish I could pull the daytime outfit from out of the computer screen haha.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! Totally loving peplum :D