Saturday, 30 June 2012

julep meryl

I've been in such a weird nail polish phase lately. I seem to be gravitating towards a lot of muddy mauves, browns, and grays. [Are those colors a vacuum? Because I'm getting sucked in! Heh heh.]

Although these types of shades may seem a bit sullen for the current season, I like to think that they're just super regal and mysterious. Yeah, let's go with that. Anyways, with Eeyore inspiring my current taste in nail polish, it's no surprise that I'm loving this one.

Described on Julep's website as a "sophisticated gray creme," Meryl is equally as classic and charming as the actress it was named for. [All hail the queen.]

This polish applies smoothly and without fuss. During the first coat Meryl is like, "I'm going to be kind of sheer!" But by the second coat it's all like, "just kidding I'm actually quite opaque." What a trickster.

This rein of gloomy polish may not last long though, my July box is set to contain a couple dazzling pink polishes! So it shouldn't be too hard to climb back on the metaphorical wagon of bright summer polish.

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