Friday, 25 October 2013

what's in my makeup bag + mini reviews

Hmm. What is in my makeup bag?

Answer: Nothing too crazy.

My makeup is mostly comprised of drugstore brands, with the exception of a few NARS products because Francois and I are in love.
This Joe makeup bag was inexpensive and colorful, so naturally it caught my eye. I'm like a circus talent scout in that way. But the best part about it is the double zipper/separate compartments. I try to keep things semi-organized here. This is a makeup collection not a zoo.
This has never smudged on me and it holds a curl well. It's not the best mascara I've used though and I probably won't be repurchasing. Mostly because the brush on it is gigantic. Some may like that, but I find it can sometimes apply too much product and cause lashes to clump together.

Fairly long-lasting, which was what I was looking for, but it can be kind of a bitch to apply. It can be hard and waxy too but I guess that's what you get with a long-wear eyeliner. The black version of this also seems to turn blueish after several hours on my upper lash line. Not the best look!

A perfect felt tip eyeliner! This applies great and is very pigmented. It allows for a lot of precision when forming crazy winged liner. CHOLA.

Not as long-lasting as the Revlon stick liners, but applies so much better and is a true black. I usually use this first, then go over it with the Revlon felt tip liner. Double teamin' it.
This is my newest, and therefore my most favorite, blush. The color is gorgeous too, kind of a fresh peachy-pink on my pale ass skin. It breathes life into me!

My baby is smashed into a million pieces... This was the first NARS product I ever bought and it has lasted so long. I love its shimmer. Super Orgasm is the next blush on my hit list.

This is a really fun color. It's a bright/almost neon pink shade and applies true to the pan. It has a nice sheen to it too. I like mixing other blushes together with this one on the skin. It enhances and adds pizzazz to any other shade.
I absolutely love the dewy finish and slight shimmer of this foundation. It's very natural looking with nice coverage. However this foundation line has a terrible shade selection, each one seems to be really yellow-based. This definitely works better when I'm more tanned. Will probably repurchase next summer.

My holy grail concealer. This is my most repurchased makeup product. It covers blemishes and brightens dark areas wonderfully. I go through tubes of this so quickly.

I. Hate. This. The package says this powder is translucent but it leaves yellow splotches on my skin and it requires some serious blending. It's way too dark and I feel stupid for buying it. It came with this little brush that sucks. It was 20 dollars so I feel like I have to finish using it. Also airbrushing, my foot. This product was so disappointing.

This is the best bronzer I've used. It's not too dark or too light, and not too shimmery or too matte. I feel like Goldilocks right now, but you know. It's a good thing! Now I feel like Martha Stewart... ugh help.
These are my favorite eyeshadows. The first shade is a dusty pink/salmon and the second is a soft browny lilac color. Both shadows are gorgeous and natural looking. I read that this duo flattered brown eyes so I really wanted to try it and I regret nothing!

This brow kit works wonders in filling in the sparse caterpillars that I call eyebrows. The highlight that comes with this is wonderful too.

I just use this as eyebrow gel. It does its mundane job quite well.
Cheap brushes. Probably should not have included them. They are soft and get the job done though.

My friend Alyssa recommended this eyelash curler to me and I'm really glad she did. It is perfect. It never pinches the skin around my eye, my old curler did and I hated it. My how the tables have turned.

Weew, that's all. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

no mirror makeup challenge

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can't put makeup on at all?

This girl.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

windy day woman

The harsh autumn wind has settled it. These bangs must be grown out. They've become a lot less Zooey Deschanel and a whole lot more female Donald Trump.

It's time to end this toxic relationship and never look back. I foresee 7-8 months of awkward hair photos on the horizon (so that should be a wild ride) but nothing worth having ever came easy right?

Please remind me of this fact when I start looking like every teenage boy from 2005.
dress: target
tights: calvin klein
scarf: target
boots: anne klein

This outfit post has accidentally transformed into a mini hair rant. I did not see that coming.

And look, the same boots from the last post! Totally nailing this fashion blogging thing.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

corn of plenty

Autumn is the best. It's more than just a time for boots, knit sweaters, and evading the flu; it's cause to get up, get out there, and go do something that would really confuse aliens should they ever overtake Earth.

Something like a corn maze.

And that's just what my friend Ryan and I did on Sunday. Sure the corn may have been half dead, but our excitement was alive and well. I wore the standard autumn uniform*, and even brought my favorite fall scarf out from the depths of the coat closet. So that was a good time too.

* sweater, leggings, and boots equals DONE
scarf: sears
sweater: winners
leggings: lululemon
boots: anne klein (costaro cognac)

With hot chocolate in tow, we entered the maze. It was wild. It was also confusing.

We took pictures of said wild confusion.
We were held hostage by the maze for around 50 minutes. Not going to lie, I did feel a bit like Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament, but you know, without all the death. Then we found the way out by accident. (Lol.) There were no real dead ends, just paths that went in circles which felt like big slaps in the face from whoever designed it.

We're hoping to do some other festive things this month too, like a ghostly underground tour and a haunted house on Halloween. SpoOoOky. This time of year is definitely a'MAZE'ing.*

*Oh no she didn't

Friday, 4 October 2013

gold things come to those who wait

This cardigan/bolero/shrug-thing is the flashiest piece of clothing I own.

Let's go back in time a bit. You see, when it came to sequins I used to be a major playa hater. Words like "gaudy," "tacky," and "cheap-looking" were carelessly thrown around by the sheltered bitch that was my fashion sense.

"Bring me more jeggings and chiffon shirts!" it shouted, drunk with power.

"Bu-but that's all we ever wear..." I said.

As you can see, overcoming this fictional/internal situation was quite the task. At first it felt a little Las-Vegas-showgirl-Christmas, but I have since changed my mind on the matter. Sequins seem to possess the almost magical ability to bring light to anyone's complexion and overall look. Lol I don't know, I've been drinking.
cardigan: american eagle
dress: ardene
tights: betsey johnson
boots: forever 21

Oh, and this dress was only seven dollars! It was 70% off and I was like let's dance.

But that's about it. Have you changed your mind on any trends before? Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

september favorites

This is the first ever monthly favorites post on this blog. Will this become a thing? I don't know. I never know. But it's almost the end of the month and I've already taken pictures of things... so let's just roll with it.
September 2013 Favorites
Floral Glass Jewelry Box
This box was originally intended to keep Riesen's chocolates in because I saw a girl's room tour on Youtube and she had done that. Clearly I was influenced* because I went out and bought a box the same week. Sadly I don't have the chocolates yet so I put jewelry in it. I guess you could say it's filled with the worst kind of chocolate there is. No chocolate.

* Surprisingly not by alcohol

Silver C Initial Necklace
This was another late night eBay purchase. I tell ya, the middle of the night makes you need the things you see online. It wasn't expensive, but I've been wearing it a lot to make up for the guilt of ordering it. Doing that cancels out the shame right? Right? Oh no.

Alexander McQueen Biography
My friend gave this book to me for my birthday at the beginning of the month and boy was he spot on in choosing it. Alexander McQueen has always been my favorite designer and this book is filled with so many behind-the-scenes facts. It has a lot of beautiful pictures and some pretty funny anecdotes about him too. Totally recommend!

Navy Nail Polish Essie Midnight Cami
Then there's this nail polish that looks black but is actually very dark navy. So it's trying to fool everyone into thinking it's super badass, but really it wears bunny footie pajamas to bed. Awwe.

Anyone else excited for October? I've definitely got Halloween on the brain!


Thursday, 26 September 2013

when life gives you denim

Wear the absolute hell out of it.

If that's a real saying, then in terms of this shirt, mission well accomplished. Even one of the sleeves is starting to rip where it rolls it up! The true mystery is whether the rip is caused by plenty of wear, the quality of Target's clothing, or by my burly Popeye arm. Some mysteries are never meant to be solved.

The real love affair is with the shoes. They were 30 dollars, they are soft like velvet but definitely not, and their extra inches bring me to my dream height of 5'9. (I may have asked my mom to measure me with them on. What a ridiculous and oh so sad request. But nonetheless! It's love.)

Below is me attempting to hoist my foot up to show said wedges because I took these pictures with a self-timer on an iPad and it wouldn't tilt forward without falling over. It would never make it in the ballet world.
shirt: target
skort: zara
necklace: h&m
wedges: winners
nail polish: sally hansen coral reef

That's about it. I guess I'll keep this post skort and sweet. (Heh heh. Thank you Zara for manufacturing this skort and essentially making that wordplay possible.)

Have an excellent Friday/rest of Thursday!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

i go back to blog

The title of this post was supposed to serve as a pop-culture savvy Amy Winehouse reference, but instead may have you wondering if this was written by one of those typewriter monkeys. The answer to that may be an astounding no, (he only proofreads) but if I have learned anything from my many months of lazy-shunning* this blog, it is that time truly does fly. Especially when you spend it working full-time like a fool, eating too many chocolate almonds, and watching a lot of Downton Abby.
*To shun due to laziness

Let's get back into it with an outfit from a few days ago. Inside the Winners change room this shirt dress felt a bit too '90s-mom-gets-loose-on-the-weekend. Hopefully it's in the best possible way. It possesses the ease and comfort that most people crave in warm-weather clothing. Therefore, all doubts were tossed out the window and it made its way up to the till with me. You little denim devil you.