Tuesday, 18 June 2013

i go back to blog

The title of this post was supposed to serve as a pop-culture savvy Amy Winehouse reference, but instead may have you wondering if this was written by one of those typewriter monkeys. The answer to that may be an astounding no, (he only proofreads) but if I have learned anything from my many months of lazy-shunning* this blog, it is that time truly does fly. Especially when you spend it working full-time like a fool, eating too many chocolate almonds, and watching a lot of Downton Abby.
*To shun due to laziness

Let's get back into it with an outfit from a few days ago. Inside the Winners change room this shirt dress felt a bit too '90s-mom-gets-loose-on-the-weekend. Hopefully it's in the best possible way. It possesses the ease and comfort that most people crave in warm-weather clothing. Therefore, all doubts were tossed out the window and it made its way up to the till with me. You little denim devil you.