Wednesday, 23 July 2014

a proper romper

I apologize for the plethora of obvious face crops in this post. They are due to the recent mistake of dying my hair; the result of which was a godawful swirl of muddish brown and pure black. I loath the whole thang and definitely will be lightening it up soon. I was going for Adriana Lima, but ended up with the little girl from The Grudge.

I mean, tale as old as time right.

This romper was a smokin' deal during the winter end of season sale at Zara. Its draped silhouette and silky material gave off a sophisticated vibe that caught my eye right away. However, once in the fitting room, I discovered its hamartia. Shawty got hella low when they were designing this. I'm talking bust out everywhere/v-neck for days, too much for daytime/not the best for a quick run to Target. Like, I'd call it a wardrobe malfunction à la Janet Jackson, but the police may have another name for it. So for now, we safety pin.
Jacket/ GAP
Romper/ Zara
Wedges/ H&M
Ring/ Ardene

Upon wearing it in public, I also came to find that this romper is actually crazy short. I guess I was too busy pinning up the front to notice the serious leg action going on below. Let me tell you, there was no bending it like Beckham today; my various body parts were too busy fighting to break free. But fashion is all about freedom of expression right? Maybe this romper takes that belief and transforms it into a concrete reality.

The reality that half my arse is hanging out? Possibly.

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