Sunday, 20 July 2014

sunday rewind / week no.1

1/admiring a beaded elephant gift bag from pier one 2/finally cracking down on a blog redesign
3/fell in love with all these bath poufs, could only chose one 4/stella all up in my freshly made bed
instagram // ceightly

Sadly it felt like this week was just a vicious circle of work, sleep, work more. Very bittersweet. Bitter in the way of photo worthy opportunities and sweet where saving for school is concerned. Hopefully this dull week was still worth a post though; I was really looking forward to starting a new blog series! I also started binge watching Breaking Bad. I'm waaaay late to the party, but still having an awesome time.


Why you should listen: It's a perfect summer jam for indulging in melancholia and being sad about boys and life.
Best lyric: Shared my body and my mind with you/That's all over now


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