Sunday, 31 August 2014

sunday rewind / week no.7

1/jumping fox mug set 2/mascara photo shoot in the morning sun
3/candy skull drink cozy that i want but don't need 4/sunday morning chocolate chip waffles!

Weee, one more week closer to school! Bring it on, I'm so ready. Things are starting to get a bit dull. I fill the days with work, window shopping, and waffles upon waffles. It's going to be a looong stretch until October my friend. Really looking forward to packing up all my crap and getting this ol' brain back in business. Take all my money, just give me something to do.

In the meantime, I will continue on my journey to becoming the half-waffle, half-human hybrid I was born to be.
Please pass the syrup.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

diorshow black out mascara

This is my very first high end mascara.

It's a week away from my 23rd birthday and I'm just now discovering what it's like to be an actual grown up woman. And real grown up women spend 30 dollars on black crap for their eyes god dammit! Well, truthfully my mom paid for it. She got it for herself, she didn't like it, and I was next in line. Prince Charles and I have so much in common.
Here are some thoughts on it.

*This mascara is a pure true black - it's black like starless deep space, liquorice jelly beans, my ex boyfriend's heart. The list could go on and on. This level of black would be a blessing for someone with blonde lashes.

*Wet formula - very easy to reapply throughout the day or quickly build up for a more dramatic look. Oh la la.

*Easy to take off - well, compared to my usual Revlon Colorstay Overtime 24hr mascara it is. This stuff is like the Wicked Witch of the West in a bottle; just add water and it melts away like nobody's business. Good for washing up, but bad for tears. I do wish I had the waterproof version. I'm a big ol' crybaby.

*It seems to be getting better with age - I've been using it on and off for about two months and it's a lot more manageable than it was in the beginning. Less runny and smudgy, more volumizing and defining.


*It's hard to get corner lashes with this massive ass brush - a giant glob of product just gathers at the end of the wand patiently waiting to ruin your inner corner highlight... Bottom line? She's a scraper.
If I were to repurchase this mascara, it would definitely be in the waterproof formula. Hopefully that would solve any early on smudging problems. However, the brush makes me hesitant to truly consider getting this again. It's a shame because the formula is pretty killer. Overall, it's good. But it's not perfect.

Maybe I should chalk this up to a case of it's what's on the inside that really counts.

But then again, nobody messes with my inner corner.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

sunday rewind / week no.6

1/feeling like a 90s queen 2/throwback to big ol' ice cream cones with mom
3/taking my favorite clutch out on the town 4/big sparkly stud

This week was proof that summer may be starting to wind down. Plans to the beach became plans to stay in bed and watch brooding clouds from the window. Don't get me wrong autumn is the best, but that means winter is soon coming. And the length of the last one was entering serious Game of Thrones territory.

I wasn't really in the mood to take pictures this week either. Hopefully it'll get better soon though. This blog can't consist of only Sunday updates! But it looks as though I'm taking a real shot at it.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

sunday rewind / week no.5

1/blurry bouquet 2/faux stone H&M necklace
3/stella with her name tag  4/having a superb time out with family

This week was hard. My grandpa pasted away on Monday and that's all I've been thinking about. His memorial was today and it really was very lovely. Hoping to blog more in the following weeks. My apologies for this half arse post.


Oh dream maker, you heart breaker/Wherever you're going I'm going your way

Thursday, 14 August 2014

totally stoned

I'm actually positive this necklace is made out of plastic. However, for the sake of laziness and the title I've constructed, let's pretend it's legit stone. I've never done a drug in my life. Please think I'm cool anyway.

Do you think this necklace gives off a laid back, boho-ish, kind of vibe? Because that's what I was hoping for when I spotted fifty of them squished on a peg in H&M. I envisioned paring it with an off-the-shoulder cream top, but I don't have one of those. So I settled (sure to be the first of many times) for a black maxi dress.

Now I'm just a hoop earring short of a carnival fortune teller. But what I lack in beaded anklets and my own handpainted trailer, I make up for in teeth. So... got that going for me.
Necklace/ H&M
Dress/ H&M

It's kinda fun how it has that built in layered look too. Like way to lift any and all responsibility from my sunburnt shoulders. Hopefully it won't end up like all the other necklaces of its kind: worn once and forgotten about forever in the jewelry box under my bed. I have semi-faith in this one.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

sunday rewind / week no.4

1/a little bit of bedroom decoration 2/reminiscing of times in downtown vancouver
3/a colourfully beaded coin purse 4/attending a ribfest as a vegetarian who just came for da lemonade

Everyday this week was boring except for one. Saturday totally had it going on. There was sun, lemonade, cookie dough ice cream, hot french fries, live music, and the beach. I wish there could be a day like that in every week.
And cookie dough ice cream every day. Also hot french fries every hour... Okay I'm done.

SONG OF THE WEEK - The Zolas/Ancient Mars

I think the metaphor throughout this song is original and beautiful. It equates the death of a once fertile planet to the aftermath of a relationship. How it feels years later when there is little to no evidence of the life or love that used to be there. With an explanation like that the song should come across as overly mournful or sad, but it really doesn't. In this interview the lead singer explains he sees it as "a feature of love and the universe." Circle of life all up in here!

I want to believe in time travel/That one day I'll come back for you
Find you in the campus library aisles and I'd say/Oh my ancient Mars


Sunday, 3 August 2014

sunday rewind / week no.3

1/my lazy bun and huge headband in the sun 2/shopping downtown and admiring that chandelier

I was a terrible picture taker this week. There were actually a fair lot of photo opportunities too, more than most weeks. Sadly they weren't taken advantage of. Quality job me! At least I did lighten my hair from the black mess it was a month ago. Here goes another week!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

OPI / mod about you

I've been wearing black nail polish for months. Ridiculously stuck in a rut of my own faux punk design. But I'm putting all that behind me now: a dreamy pink polish has enticed this bad bitch to finally switch it up.

Mod About You is a shade straight out of the girly handbook. It's cotton candy-esque, pink lemonade-y, and a whole bunch of other dumb hyphened words I could make up to describe it. I wanted to get fancy by adding glitter along every cuticle line, but got lazy after doing the thumbs. At least I'm all blinged out if I ever decide to hitchhike. My nail glimmering in the sun will be the last thing people see of me before I'm kidnapped forever. What a legacy.