Sunday, 10 August 2014

sunday rewind / week no.4

1/a little bit of bedroom decoration 2/reminiscing of times in downtown vancouver
3/a colourfully beaded coin purse 4/attending a ribfest as a vegetarian who just came for da lemonade

Everyday this week was boring except for one. Saturday totally had it going on. There was sun, lemonade, cookie dough ice cream, hot french fries, live music, and the beach. I wish there could be a day like that in every week.
And cookie dough ice cream every day. Also hot french fries every hour... Okay I'm done.

SONG OF THE WEEK - The Zolas/Ancient Mars

I think the metaphor throughout this song is original and beautiful. It equates the death of a once fertile planet to the aftermath of a relationship. How it feels years later when there is little to no evidence of the life or love that used to be there. With an explanation like that the song should come across as overly mournful or sad, but it really doesn't. In this interview the lead singer explains he sees it as "a feature of love and the universe." Circle of life all up in here!

I want to believe in time travel/That one day I'll come back for you
Find you in the campus library aisles and I'd say/Oh my ancient Mars


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